Mirae Campbell

January 08, 2022

Mirae Campbell

We are are so excited to announce one of our new ambassadors, Mirae Campbell.  Our friends Greg and Jill introduced us a few years back and we immediately fell head over heels for Mirae as she is one extraordinary human.  We see her as a bright light in the surfing community.  When she is not surfing or snowboarding you can find her shooting photos of some of the most beautiful places on the earth.  If you check her instagram @miraecampbell you will see that she is a world class photographer who has built a career working for some of the world's most iconic brands to include Lufthansa, Burton and Red Bull, to name a few.  She considers herself a new surfer but has been devoting time to traveling to surf and has been progressing a ton this last year thanks to a trip to Mexico.  We did a short interview to learn more about this amazing woman.

Homebreak: Tofino, British Columbia

Stance: Goofy

How long have you been surfing?

Give or take a year, I only get to surf in the Summer and Fall here but maybe that will change as I grow :) 

Favorite Degree 33 Board:

I learned on an Ultimate Epoxysoft board and recently transition to the Poly Ultimate 9ft and I think because I learned on the soft top, my transition to a non-soft top board was seamless and quite pleasant! 

Why do you surf?

The freedom of it, it’s just a feeling and if you know, you know. I wish I could put into words the way the ocean makes me feel. I really love snowboarding and being outdoors in general, it’s why I live in Whistler, but I think the freedom of surfing doesn’t really compare or translate to any other sport. You get to truly be device free which is pretty special in today’s world and sure you get to paddle out with your friends and hang out with them while you wait for waves but ultimately it’s a sport just for you and no one else, it’s pretty special. 

Favorite Surfer?

Still to be determined. I’ve met lots of really nice folks in the water lately that have really made me love the sport and feel safe and welcome within the culture. 

Favorite Surf Trip to memory?

I’ve only recently started devoting trips around surfing, I think anywhere I can go where there isn’t service and it’s quiet and the waves are gentle for long boarding then it’s a keeper of a memory for me. I just recently added Scorpion Bay in the Baja to my Wishlist and I truly had a wonderful time surfing with all the old boys camping on the beach in the East Cape of Baja. Tacking surfing on to a snowboarding trip in Japan was also pretty special. 

What is your favorite item you’ve bought this year?

I bought a film camera in a little dinky camera store for way too much money without doing any research on it and it’s been a very priceless treasure as of lately. I’ve started making photo albums with physical film photos in the last year and it’s pretty special to look at tangible memories in a leather bound book over looking at them haphazardly on my pocket computer. 

What do you love to do most when your not surfing?

Daymdreaming about when I get to surf next maybe? I like surfing because among it’s obvious benefits, it inspires me creatively because it gives me a chance to be idle and sit without too many distractions. Coming back from a surf trip is like having a brain full of imagination and creativity that wouldn’t have been pushed to the surface before. 

You’re have one month to go anywhere and travel, where would you go?

I’d like to go to Europe, I’ve never done the backpack and train across Europe thing - maybe start in Morocco, surf a bit, head to Spain and the UK, end in France. 

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

An English teacher in third world countries so I could give others the access that I got as a youth. 

What gets you up in the morning?

My cat usually haha The excitement of crossing things off my to do list. 

If you could eliminate one thing from your daily routine, what would it be?  

Staring at my phone in the morning. 

You have to sing karaoke, what song do you pick?

Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves 


Photos by Spencer Watson @thebrownspy

Visit Miraes Instagram @miraecampbell 

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