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Matthew Turner

April 13, 2021

Matthew Turner

One of the best parts of having a surf company is the incredible people that we meet.  We are blessed to have an extended family of surfers that not only surf good but are rock stars out of the water.  Such is the case with Matthew Turner.  This guy is way cool.  We met Matthew on accident when he tagged our account with a video of him surfing the nose on his Degree 33 in Hawaii.  We saw the Go Pro video and were like "This guy is rad!" so we reached out to see if we could meet and discuss him joining us as an ambassador.  That was a few years back and the rest is history.  We lost count but think he has had about five of our boards to include a Ladle, a T9, A Keelfather, a Cloud and now his custom yellow Long Fish.  This thing is a sight to behold at ten foot three inches long with a bright yellow resin tint, gloss and polish finish and bamboo twin fins.  Arguably one of the best looking boards to ever pass through our shop.  Now that were done talking about his boards, let's get to know Matt...

Name: Matthew Turner

Age: 24 Years Old

Years Surfing: 8 years

Homebreak: Beacons in Leucadia, come say hi!

Matthew heading towards the nose on the Wedge longboard

What are your go to boards (size and shape)?
My go to boards are a 5’7 Cloud, a 5’8 Keelfather, and a 10’3 twin fin custom shape.

Other Sports/Hobbies?
My favorite sport other than surfing is swimming and in my free time I like to hike and take photos.

Favorite Music/song?
Right now my favorite song is Come Sail Away by Styx

Pulling into a clean little barrel on the 7'2" Poacher Epoxysoft Fun Shape

If you could take one trip anywhere, where would you go?
If I could travel anywhere in the world I would go to Peru, to see the scenery and surf those super long lefts.

What’s your favorite thing about surfing?
Surfing has given me a way to relax, while at the same time being a way to stay in shape, meet new people, and experience much more of my home town beaches.

Best wave you can remember?
My best is hopefully going to be the next one I catch

What’s one thing you can’t leave the house without? A hydro flask and sunscreen

Favorite food and restaurant? The Buffalo 66 sandwich from Plant Power in Encinitas


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