48 Years of Experience Building Surfboards by Hand

  • Huge Selection - Hundreds of boards on hand at all times.
  • Superior Board Shapes - 48 years of experience has gone into every one of our shapes guaranteeing that the board you choose will be perfect for you and where you surf.
  • Hand Shaped - All our Fiberglass boards are built by hand right here in California, and just like most others, our epoxies are shaped overseas. Even though they are built overseas they are still hand shaped by the same team that does the biggest names in the industry. 
  • 33 Day Guarantee - We offer a guarantee that says, "Go out and ride it for 33 days. If you're not completely stoked on your new board, we'll take it back." An industry FIRST!
  • Customer Service - You need help... we've got answers. And we'll do it without the elitist attitude so common in today's shops.
  • Price - You should never make price the number one reason you buy, but it should be a reason. Our prices are 43% better than most shops.
  • Satisfied Customers - We have 1000's (no exaggeration) of stoked out of their mind customers. Many have purchased 2 and 3 and 4 times.
  • Local San Diego Business - We're just like you, probably live across the street even. :)
  • Safe and Secure Ordering - Our shopping cart and checkout process uses the security standard set by the U.S. Government for internet shopping. Translation = all your personal information is completely safe. Order with confidence.
  • Fast Shipping - Typically your order will arrive within a week from the order being placed. Everything is shipped insured so you never have to worry about your new surfboard being damaged.

Bottom line is that we build great surfboards. Boards that are built by surfers for surfers. Come join our family.

Don't Quit On Day One!

Lifelong surfers reveal the 3 critical elements to surfboard selection, that when done right, will have you catching more waves, taking longer rides, and reducing your learning curve by 6 months.

Surfing is a sport with many variables, most of which are completely out of your control. Our step-by-step guide will help you with the one variable that is in your control... a board choice that will make you a better surfer and not frustrate you.

Here's just 3 of the things you'll learn-

  • Catch more waves by picking the choicest board for your wave, conditions, and skill level. Discover the in-and-outs of board design so that you can get the exact board your break requires.
  • A board for life, or a board for a season. Epoxy, Glass, or our exclusive NexGen... Which one to pick and why.
  • Turn your dud into a magic stick by changing one simple element of your board that doesn't require any shop modifications.

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