Kieran Anderson

May 24, 2021

Kieran Anderson

Not too long ago we caught up with ambassador Kieran Anderson to learn more about him so we could share with you guys.  Kieran is one of those people that when you meet him you will never forget as he has this infectious energy and is one of the funniest people we know.  He has a way of making everyone he meets feel like a friend.  Not only is he downright hilarious out of the water, he is also an accomplished big wave charger surfing the likes of Mavericks and Ocean Beach, San Francisco.  In addition to his surf talents, he is a humble and caring guy that can be found teaching groms to surf or skate when is not traveling the world in search of surf.  We have really been blessed with this guy becoming an integral part of the Degree 33 family.  Check out what makes Kieran tick in this short interview.

Homebreak: Ponto Beach, CA

Years surfing: 6

Stance: Goofy

Favorite D33 Board: The Weapon

Why do you surf? I love big waves and adrenaline

Favorite Surfer:  Damien Hobgood

Describe your styleFast, Energetic

Favorite Surf Trip to memory? 

WOW so many, I went up the coast with Josh Kerr, Damien Hobgood, and Oliver Kurtz for a huge swell, we stopped by Mavericks for my first session there ever. I ended up getting a super sick one and got on surfing mag. I was frothing!

What’s the one thing you don’t leave home without? 

HAHAHAHAH my phone, Oh and passport.

Most memorable contest wave?

I did a high school surf team contest. Had to get a score and did a frontside straight air and thought I was the man. Ended up getting the score but the air sucked hahahahaa.

If you could bring back any fashion trend, what would it be? Mullets

What gets you more psyched, bigger waves or more perfect waves?

Deff bigger waves, I love Adrenaline

What do you do when the waves are flat?

Honestly i get so bored haha. I skate, or dive, fish, kinda depends on my froth level

What is your go-to for breakfast?

Definitely eggs, bacon and toast

Pump-up song or band:

M83 before big big waves

Advice for newer surfers?

Have fun!

Kieran going big at Ocean Beach, San Francisco (Photo @maxtbeyer)

Kierans current Degree 33 quiver ready for everything!

Catching a little air on his Weapon Shortboard in San Diego (Photo @nathanpetty)


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