Custom Surfboards

Bill Minard Shaping an Ultimate longboard
Bill Minard Shaping a Bean groveler

Once you go custom, you'll never go back.

Stock boards are great for most of us. However, there comes a time in our surfing progression when a custom shaped board is the only way to take us to that next level. Usually this is right around the intermediate level, and if you’ve been trying to take your surfing to another level and think the board may be holding you back, chances are you’re right, and a custom stick is your next move.

Degree33 has teamed up with local San Diegan and 42 year shaping veteran, Bill Minard, to bring you custom shapes built specifically for you.

Bill got his start in Pacific Beach in the early 1970's as a young, talented board builder. He quickly established himself in the production side of California's booming surf industry ghost shaping for big names such as Donald Takayama. Bill later went on to become a team shaper for Gordon & Smith specializing in fine-tuning cutting edge designs for performance surfing in California's varietal surf conditions.

Today Bill resides in Del Mar where he continues his true passion and talent of building and designing custom surfboards for countless surfers all over the world through his own label Minard Shapes, as well as for Degree33.

Whether you want to take one of our shapes and tweak it, or have that special magic board you've been dying to create, we can get you dialed in and out in the water fast.

To inquire about custom built surfboards call or email us at 858-693-3692 or

We look forward to making a custom surfboard for you.

Cost estimates for a custom poly, clear, sanded finish (customs can only be built in classic glass). Call for an exact quote.

custom surfboards quote chart

33 Day Guarantee does not apply to custom surfboards
Plan on 4 - 5 weeks (rush services available).