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Jake Hennessy

June 30, 2021

Jake Hennessy

We are really stoked to announce the addition of our new ambassador Jake Hennessy.  If you looked up the word stoke in the dictionary (it is a real word, right?) you would likely find Jakes smiling face pictured.  One of the best surfers we know who can rip anything he stands on.  Above and beyond his surf skills he is a positive force both in and out of the water.  Jake can be found surfing for his college surf team Point Loma, rooting on his bros or teaching kids to surf on the weekends.  He and his girlfriend Sienna have quickly become great friends and we are looking forward to sharing more of what Jake is up to in the days ahead.  Here's a quick interview so you can get to know him a little better.

Name: Jake Hennessy

Age: 20

Years Surfing: 14 years

Homebreak: Seaside Reef

Other Sports/Hobbies? I love playing guitar and banjo. I also love snowboarding

Favorite Music/song? I love all types of classic country. Johnny Cash’s gospel albums are my favorite.

Jakes loves to surf our new Codfather Fish

What’s your favorite thing about surfing? I love that being in the ocean points to a great God. Surfing is evidence of God’s grace to us. He didn’t have to give us this incredible gift and passion. I also love the community that surfing has given me… plus it’s incredibly fun. 

What are your go to boards (size and type)? I love riding all types of boards. But when the waves are good I usually resort to a 5’11 high performance shortboard, currently the Degree 33 Weapon.

Jake drawing a clean line on the 9' Ultimate Epoxysoft

Best wave you can remember? I recently went on a trip to Hawaii and got a great wave at Sunset beach. This was likely the biggest and best wave I have ever gotten. I remember going faster than I have ever gone on a surfboard and it gave such a rush. I remember thanking God in the channel.

What’s one thing you can’t leave the house without? My Bible.

Favorite Breakfast? I love chocolate chip pancakes with a side of eggs & bacon. I could have this everyday… although I’d probably need a bigger board then.

What do you like most about being a Degree 33 ambassador?  

Before becoming a Christian put a lot of identity in surfing. I truthfully saw it with selfish ambition, seeking for what I can take rather than what I can give. This changed drastically after learning that Jesus has given his life for me. In response, I want to give all that I have to Him, including my surfing. Since being saved I’ve  prayed a lot for opportunities to share the gospel through surfing. I love that Degree 33 embodies this mindset very well. I’ve seen this in examples such as instagram posts explaining the gospel, serving in partnership with Boys to Men , and the overall positive attitude that you and your ambassadors have. I’ve seen this as an incredible opportunity to advance the gospel and help others through a brand based on the christian faith. I’ve never met people so nice and welcoming in the surf industry, it’s the truth.

Jake and Sienna shown here checking the surf with the Poacher fun shape and Ultimate longboard.

Apart from the faith aspect, I love the range of boards that Degree 33 has. I’ve been branching out recently by trying to ride more longboards, fishes, and mid lengths and because of this I’d be able to test out all types of Degree 33 boards. Every board I’ve had the privilege of riding has been amazing. Furthermore, I teach surf lessons and would be able to advance the brand to many newcomers to the sport.

I see Degree 33 as a family. I am very connected to a majority of your team riders through Christian Surfers ministry and I am truly honored to be a part of it.

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