Aaron Gold

August 20, 2022

Aaron Gold

We are so honored to introduce ambassador Aaron Gold and his surfing family to the Degree 33 crew.  Aaron and his wife Corinne are blessed to call Haleiwa, Hawaii their home where they have been raising their family with a respect and love for the ocean.    They all surf and are constantly having a good time.   Both Aaron and Corinne are accomplished surfers.  What we admire about them most though is their passion for life and their love for others.

Aaron surfing Jaws in Maui on the wave of a lifetime

In case you have not heard about his most famous wave, Aaron holds the world record for paddling into the largest wave in history at the legendary Jaws surf break in Maui.  His seventy foot plus wave was shown around the globe as he quickly became a household name in the big wave surfing world winning the XXL award for biggest wave that year. 

Not only is he a talented surfer but he is a leader in his church where he is passionate about teaching young men the things he learned growing up.   Aaron learned so much about the ocean from his Dad who was a commercial fisherman. It was these lessons paired with his faith that has made him into the fearless and adventurous man he is today.  

We met Aaron about five years ago when we was in California for the premiere of the Surfers and Cowboys movie.  We quickly made a connection with him as we share so much in common to include our love of God and a passion for surfing.  We already consider him a lifelong friend and we think you are going to love him too.  We caught up with Aaron to learn more about him.

Age:  40

Years Surfing: 36

Where you live: Haleiwa, north shore O’ahu

Homebreak:  Haleiwa,  Alii beach park

Other Sports/Hobbies?  Fishing, free diving, dirt biking, and spending time with my ohana. 

Favorite bands and songs?   

"Gratitude” Brandon Lake,

"Nothing I hold on to” Will Reagan and United Pursuit

"The Commission “ CAIN

What’s your favorite thing about surfing? 

The calmness of being out in Gods creation. 

What are your go to boards (size and type)?

Shortboard- 6’0 squash tail

Step up/ Pipeline/ etc- 6’3 to 7’2 round pin/ pin tail

Big wave guns- 9’0 to 10’2

Long board- 9’8 Degree 33 “Classic” 

Best session you can remember (describe it)?

Sitting out in the weather with my whole fam at Haleiwa earlier this summer on a knee high off season swell. Light wind, no clouds in sky, and spinner dolphins cruising out the back. 🥰

What’s one thing you can’t leave the house without?  Board shorts 😉 

If money was no object, what would be your dream surf trip?   Boat trip with my family around the the South Pacific hunting and surfing waves on all the smaller islands. 

What are you most passionate about?  What gets you up in the morning?

My faith in Jesus Christ,  my family, and my community.  

Please follow Aaron on Instagram @therealaarongold

Photos courtesy of Aaron and Corinne Gold

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