Surfboard Guide - Intro

Who is this for?

Surfing isn’t just another sport or hobby, it’s a lifestyle. As surfers, we are a tribe of people that build our week around tides and swells. We understand that when we’re in the water, nothing else matters. It’s just me, my board, and my maker. There’s something very “cleansing” about that. It’s one of few coveted activities that is rejuvenating, active, and yet so centering at the same time.

With surfing, once you’ve tasted the fruit, all you do is crave it. It’s an inexpensive way to enjoy your exercise, reduce your stress, and bring you closer to that place where time stands still and everything is right.

Our goal with this guide is to introduce, re-introduce, or bring you up to speed with all the latest tested trends in surfing. Whether you have been MIA for a while, have never seen the ocean but want to learn how to surf, or have stayed in the water for years, this guide has all the details necessary to take you to the next step in to the deep blue.

Beginner surfers

For beginners: If you’re brand new to the surfing world it can be a little overwhelming. New vocabulary, equipment, and experiences mean that there is a lot of info for you to digest. Reading this guide will reveal everything from where to start and what to expect when you’re just getting going, to more advanced info for the technical person. Honestly, the best way to use this guide is going to be to just read the whole thing.

For non-beginners: Maybe you’re trying to figure out what this epoxy thing is all about, or what the benefits of a quad fin are... the best way for you to digest this guide is to use the table of contents and read the sections that apply to you. Perhaps you surf all the time and you’re looking for that next step but don’t know all the elements of a surfboard to consider for that magic stick... If that’s you, let us help you navigate all the things you need to look at. We’ll cover the many attributes to a surfboard. This guide is for you as well.

With all that said, if you haven't read our story yet please do, that way you can understand where we're coming from. Then, make sure you read about our 33 Day Ride-It Guarantee, an industry first. Lastly, use the links at the bottom of this page to navigate through our surfboard guide. Hope you enjoy it. Please let us know how we can improve it.

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