Gettin' Pitted

The Pocket Poacher. Bite sized and full of flavor!

What came out, was something that gave shortboarders a chance to leave no day unridden, and gave longer board riders a way to mingle in the pocket without giving up glide, float, stability and control. 

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These boys need your help. Every dollar counts!

Here at Degree33 Surfboards, we don’t take the 100 Wave Challenge lightly. We don’t take the Boys to Men Mentoring Network lightly. When September rolls around, Degree33 Surfboards is fired up! We’re absolutely FROTHING to create a better future for San Diego’s at-risk youths.

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D33 Welcomes Ryan Gambrell, our newest team rider!


Ryan, a local to North County San Diego's coastline, just joined up with us to bring yet another unique and talented surfer to the Degree33 Surfboards surf team! In this video, Ryan drives home the best thing about surfing... everything that makes us different from each other washes away when we paddle out. The common bond of riding waves creates a community built on pure stoke! Stoke for you, stoke for us, stoke for everybody.

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Surfer Magazine: Degree33 gets called up to the Bigs.

A time comes when all of the blood, sweat and tears finally yield an opportunity. Not that we haven't had a good ride along our journey; the tears have been manage-able, the blood and sweat greatly overshadowed by sun, sand and salt. It's taken until now to feel like we truly have what it takes to stand side by side with the industry giants, the innovators and the celebrated craftsmen that have moulded the root surf culture of San Diego.

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