Gettin' Pitted

The Degree 33 Custom Surfboard Experience

The soul of surfboard building is making a steady resurgence. The days of scoring a killer steal on craigslist are thinning out as more and more surfboard builders open up shop to meet the growing demand for a good board and a good deal.

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The Ultimate Longboard Revisited

This is the Ultimate performance Longboard, our flagship board model that literally put us on the map. We put more Ultimates in the water than all other boards combined, and for good reason!

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Less is more - part II: A Keel fin testimonial

We've been going insane over the Codfather II in its new twin keel fin form. Lucky for us, the boss pooled together 5 different templates to chew on with the new Cod II prototype rolling off the press from our glassers.

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Less Is More... DNA: The Codfather

If there's one perk in the surfboard industry that's second to none, it's research and development, or, as it's more formally known... building boards and "havin' a go."

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The Pocket Poacher. Bite sized and full of flavor!

What came out, was something that gave shortboarders a chance to leave no day unridden, and gave longer board riders a way to mingle in the pocket without giving up glide, float, stability and control. 

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