10 Surf Terms You ABSOLUTELY Need To Know

February 24, 2020


Yard Sale: (yard-seyl):

To fall limbs flailing, in the most undignified manner possible.

use: “Hey is that guy leaving already? The waves are just starting to go off!” “Yeah, if you’d just thrown half a dozen yard sales in a row like he did, you’d probably be on your way out, too.”

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The World's Best Riding Longboard Surfboard - Breaking down the Degree 33 Ultimate Longboard Surfboard

December 28, 2019

Longboards are the catch-all board for young and old, new and experienced. Some of the salty loggers you see at your local point break have never put anything shorter than 9'0" under their feet. There's a perfectly good reason for that; their motto is "no wave left behind."

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The 2015 100 Wave Challenge: Still so chafed and sooo stoked...

September 24, 2015

Another year in the books and we're on our way to surpassing our last year's fundraising by a strong margin! If you look around at all the faces in the shop, there's still pink foreheads, salty red eyes and waxy knees.

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Calling All San Diegans. Here's your chance to big a part of something huge!

June 29, 2015

How huge? More than 25,000 waves huge. More than $300,000 huge. More than 300 kids huge. Last year we participated in the 100 Wave Challenge hosted by the Boys To Men mentorship program. AND.WE.CRUSHED.IT. Not just Degree33 but the entire movement as a whole. 

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Dings: What not to expect - How to avoid atypical surfboard damage.

June 19, 2015


We all ding our boards on a regular basis... if you don't, you will, go surfing already! Anyways, for those of us that already have a set of clothes designated as ding repair/shaping/glassing only, this article may not be for you. You already know the do's and don'ts of surfboard care.. or don't... and your board reflects it. If your board is still minty fresh, you may run into damage you weren't expecting. This article serves to keep that freshy intact and on point.

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How to step it up: Sizing up for winter

September 23, 2014

If global warming is sending us these late season southern hemi hurricane swells, at least there's finally a benefit from climate change. Cabo just got SLAMMED with new hurricane swell. We got the best run of legit I've seen in San Diego in years. My own home break broke bigger than I'd ever seen it... and I've been surfing that wave for over 15 years. 

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The MOST important upgrade for any surfboard. EVER.

March 06, 2014


Most surfboards in your local shop don’t come with a set of fins included in the price of the board. Surf shops love this because now you’re going to have to hover over the fin wall and pick out a set that’s going to ding ya at least $40 minimum. I rode stock fins for YEARS before I realized I’d been basically riding on junk the WHOLE time. There were so many aspects to fins that I really hadn’t even figured in. These days, there are countless fin systems for an endless array of applications.Combine that with the uniqueness of every surfer out there and we’re talking millions of different combinations that are possible.

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Surfer Profile - Kjeld Slingerland: Holland

August 06, 2013

Our blog posts can often take a left or right turn when an interesting topic presents itself. This week I wanted to open our minds to what it means to be a surfer. We come in all shapes and sizes and  our home breaks are more varietal than any of us can imagine.

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Degree33 Dudes - Geoff: Warehouse Rover

July 02, 2013

Now that we’ve settled into the new warehouse and have geared up for summer, we thought we’d take the blog in a different direction and introduce everybody to the team that puts that shred stick under your feet. Every so often we’ll give our fans some insight into who we are and what we do.

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Summertime Sessions

June 25, 2013

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Behind the scenes of a new Degree33 shape.

March 22, 2012

He's a super quick peek of Bill shaping a new board for us. If we like this one we may introduce it in the fall. We are looking to make an improvement to our surfboard line up and this one we are hoping fits the one-stick-quiver theory.

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[Shaper Video] New Degree33 Longboard - Ultimate UV2

March 14, 2012

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