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The 2015 100 Wave Challenge: Still so chafed and sooo stoked...

September 24, 2015

Another year in the books and we're on our way to surpassing our last year's fundraising numbers by a strong margin! If you look around at all the faces in the shop, foreheads are still pink, eye brows still crusted with salt, knees still waxy. Don't be fooled, we aren't complaining, it hurts soooo good! There's swell in the water and our shoulders juuuust got back to 100%!

Big Joe Sigurdson, Craig McClain, Jacquelyn, Rose... Boys to Men Mentoring Network and 100 Wave Challenge... these are now household names around Degree33 and the faces that go with them bring great happiness to our hearts. As hard as we work to support their efforts, there is nothing grand enough that can be said to encompass the amount of love these people have for their fellow man, woman and child. Our hats are off, and always will be.

... My morning started off with my beating the alarm to the punch, too excited to lay down any longer... Though we've surfed 100 waves twice before, the enduring struggle to keep going still burns fresh in our shoulders. The searing memory of squinting through 8 hours of ocean glimmer. The sand still seemingly ground deep within our scalp from countless plunges over the falls. Every memory brings butterflies to the surface in a cheek-cramping smile. It's 5am and I'm PUMPED.

As Rose and Jacquelyn get us checked in, a hint of deep purple begins to streak across the eastern horizon, reflecting on the still night-enveloped seafoam exploding from each wave. The lip peels like a zipper. Perfect. Glorious. The cool air leaves a salty dew on your temples. It's time to suit up. It's time for wave #1 of oblivion. Men in blue jerseys line the shore, ankle deep in love, head high in compassion. The scent of fresh coconut and pineapple permeates from sacred crafts under arm. A cheerful grin, contagious as laughter, is passed from one end of mission beach to the other. This is the 100 Wave Challenge. This is the best day of the year. This is our community in action!

A mere 6 years prior, 40 - 100 Wave Challengers raised $75,000. This year, more than 200 surfers hit the water with an astronomical fundraising goal of $400,000. Though we're still working hard, a week later, to meet that task, we smashed our last year's fundraising by tens of thousands of dollars. The most awesome thing about it all, is the level of selflessness from so many unsuspecting donors. As fundraisers, we reached deep down into furthest reaches of our email contacts and friend lists. You never failed, popping up to lend a helping hand from every left field we could imagine. That's inspiring! Though I forgot to ship your leash with your board and you had to wait a week for me get it to you, you still saw our cause to be worthy, and us, worthy advocates, and sent us more than enough funds to spread the love. You know who you are, we sincerely thank you. I've paddled these young men and women out through the surf and seen the joy it brings, your efforts do not go unnoticed, your love and selflessness can be seen directly through the eyes of these kids. You are incredible human beings. THANK YOU.

So the question remains. There is no limit to the number of people we can bring to the event.


Oh you think you can? "No problem" you say? I challenge you to put your money (well donors anyways) where your mouth is. Join us in our goal of passing the $20000 donation mark next year. For every new member that joins our team, I'll personally raise an extra $100 and surf an extra 10 waves. That's right, I've said it.


Get fueled up for next year, you're gonna need it. Check out the event website to learn more about YOU can be a part of something HUGE.




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