Calling All San Diegans. Here's your chance to big a part of something huge!

June 29, 2015

How huge? More than 25,000 waves huge. More than $300,000 huge. More than 300 kids huge.

Last year we participated in the 100 Wave Challenge hosted by the Boys To Men mentorship program. AND.WE.CRUSHED.IT. Not just Degree33 but the entire movement as a whole. The goal was to fund raise $300,000. We had more than 250 surfers who, in total, surpassed this goal by a HUGE MARGIN... a massive accomplishment for the non-profit mentorship program. Much of the proceeds from this event funds the nearly the whole program for the ENTIRE YEAR, that's why it's such a big deal.

Some of you may be not of have heard of the 100 Wave Challenge or Boys To Men. Boys To Men takes troubled teens and shows them direction, accountability and most of all, love. Comprised of more than 300 kids across more than 30 San Diego schools, Boys To Men is about mentoring young boys and showing them what it really means to be men. Most of these kids don't have father figures, if they do, he's no role model. These are the boys that are failing out of school, joining gangs, getting into drugs and alcohol, even worse, many don't even make it to their 18th birthday. Why? Because that's where most men in their life set the bar.

When we first heard about it, that's all we needed to hear and we were IN! Last year's event was not only a blast, but it felt GREAT! A handful of the boys were in the water as well. The vibe was incredible and the stoke was outa this world. This time around, guess who's on board...AGAIN.... Shaun Tomson and Damien Hobgood.... and by on board, I mean on a board, in the water, with us, with you. So the question becomes... "who's coming with me?!"

So far we've got Luc, Holly, Rob, myself, Alessandra and team riders Bernard, Anton and part time rider John. We'd like to continue to build our Degree33 Team and absolutely CRUSH our goal. Our goal is to break the $10000 mark, and, with your help, we can do it!

Tomorrow night, at Bird's Board Shack, Shaun Tomson will help us jump start the 100 Wave Challenge by speaking and inspiring all in attendance at the kick off BBQ and party. He'll bring grown men to tears with his heart-felt life story. We could not be blessed with a more fitting spokesman.

If you'd like to team up with us, raise $1000 on your end, ride one of our boards in the 100 Wave Challenge, score a D33 Tee, a tide watch, free food, surf with Shaun and Damo... the list goes on... click the link below and learn more about this event and why we're so passionate about being a big part of it.

If you're not quite ready to pull the trigger. Come paddle out with us and meet the kids. Every two weeks, a handful of surfing mentors take a dozen or so kids surfing, some for the first time. My buddy, Jesus, got up on my custom 6'0 shortboard on his first EVER attempt at surfing. He's hooked, I'm hooked. It's your turn now... 

Our Degree33 Team Link How It Works

Come along for a surf night to meet these kids

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