The Codfather

codfather modern retro fish size chart

Looking for a board to rip small summer mush?

Purpose: This modern retro fish is designed to step up your game not only in mush, but in more harrowing conditions as well. The fuller outline makes it a breeze to get into anything! Its quad fin setup will give you blistering speed down the line and the ability to add a vertical attack to your wave domination. With its full single concave throughout, the speed you generate will allow you to maintain drive through your turns. Its ability to get into small waves easily combined with the exceptional hold the swallow tail provides makes the Codfather an "offer you can't refuse".

Designed For: Intermediate to advanced surfer looking for speed and drive down the line and through turns, without sacrificing stability.

Sweet Spot: Knee to Slightly overhead, with its true identity revealed in knee to head high surf. Whether its sloppy or pumping, this board covers all the bases.