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Longboards are the catch-all board for young and old, new and experienced. Some of the salty loggers you see at your local point break have never put anything shorter than 9'0" under their feet. There's a perfectly good reason for that; their motto is "no wave left behind."

Our Ultimate Longboard adopts that motto and spreads it across the full range of surfer abilities. With it's user friendly stability, any surfer will boost their wave count instantly. From there, you can develop more aggressive skills off the tail or focus on balance and style by walking the plank. Either way, this is the perfect board for making surfing easy and fun.

We asked our shaper, Bill Minard, what went into designing this board:

D33 Team: What's the first thing a surfer is going to notice when jumping on our Ultimate longboard?

Bill: First, I kept the entry concave and rocker nearly flat making the Ultimate longboard incredibly easy to paddle. You'll cover the more distance in less time, using less energy. Less effort paddling means more  energy for surfing!

D33 Team: How about once the surfer is up and riding?

Bill: The double-concave through the back half of the board channels water off the rounded squash tail in a smooth fashion allowing any surfer to carve cleaner, faster turns. It's also more stable than most longboard tail templates. Beginners will spend less time falling and more time surfing.

D33 Team:What's something different about this board?

Bill: We brought something back from surfboard design archives. The Ultimate longboard boasts chined rails which, at speed,  allow the board to surf an inch or so narrower. Less drag = more speed! Chined rails keep the board up and out of the water when cranking a big turn. A beginner longboarder won't bog their rail as often. There's nothing more frustrating than catching a good wave and botching the bottom turn in front of a hungry lineup. This board makes learning surfing fun again.

D33 Team: In a nutshell, Why choose the Ultimate longboard?

Bill: To sum things up, the Ultimate longboard is easy to paddle, will score you more waves and allows you to get more turns in before you get back to your land lubbin' self! Rather than go for a super high performance longboard design, I chose to combine a few simple key features to make surfing easy and exciting for beginner and advanced skill levels. I created this board to put the fun back into surfing!

To discover the ultimate ride - Click here!

Garek Hurt
Garek Hurt


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