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Dude... where's my board?!

October 30, 2014 4 Comments

A while back we told you exactly how to avoid being robbed while out surfing. As a followup, here's a guide to prevent surfboard theft outside of the water. After scratching for bombs all morning, the last thing you're thinking about is your board as you take that first bite into a carne asada burrito. Unfortunately, somebody else my have noticed your board while you were inhaling horchata. 

First off, here are some tips for simple day to day board storage that'll improve your odds of detering a thief:

  • Store your board inside a lockable space, be it your bedroom, locking garage, locking patio.

Here's why... First, you want to keep your board out of UV light anyways to keep it bright white and prolong the integrity of the fiberglass. Second, thieves do their homework before they jack your board. They'll watch you put your board away and note whether you have a locking garage or not. If you leave your garage door released from the opening mechanism, a 12yo could get into your garage. I would know, They got my wetsuit AND board about 7 years ago. We keep it engaged and locked ALWAYS. Side yards, balconies, backyards... that's a cakewalk once they see you've left your house.

  • Park within eyesight of your vehicle if you're leaving the windows down or boards in the truck bed.

Certain post-surf grub spots are well known for being frequented by surfers. Thieves know that you're not even thinking about your board. If you park around the corner, you're a bigger target. Park where you can at least get a running start if someone tries to swipe your stick.


Those are just common sense practices. The next list covers smart gadgets to NEVER get your board stolen.

  • Locking racks - Surfers are notorious for leaving their boards atop their surf racks or truck beds, unattended, because we're too stoked on waves to remember that there are crappy people out there that want our sexy shred sleds. It's simple, pay a little extra for the locking rack and never look back. You'd look pretty suspicious to fellow surfers if you're trying to use a bolt cutter to get through the steal braided locking cord.

  • In all cases, if your surfboard is stolen, the first place you should go is the police. It's never wise to engage a thief on your own as they may be armed. I know if I saw somebody trying to run off with my board, I'd run them down and teach them a thing or two, so, just be sure to use discretion, thieves are desperate and dangerous when backed in to a corner.DocksLocks - This locking mechanism attaches to your leash plug and is an inexpensive add-on for your racks or locking your board anywhere you'd be able to lock up a bike.
  • RFID kit - Say the thief gets through your locks, or, you don't have a rack to begin with, starting at $24.99 you can chip your board with an RFID tag that's trackable and the size of a grain of rice. Pawn shops often have an RFID reader and scan items coming in for them.

In Conclusion:

These are just a few options to up your security on your prized surfboard. If you can't afford to beef up your anti-theft rig, then just follow the suggestions in the beginning of this article when it comes to common safe practices for storing your board. Don't give the public the benefit of the doubt, the one time you're wrong will cost you your board. 




4 Responses

Regina L
Regina L

November 15, 2014

The economy still sucs so lock yr ride or use yr 60lb 4 leg buddy. At home keep in she’d or Garage and keep doors locked and closed….car ports use lock or just bring yr beautiful stick in your pad….steeling sucs but so does peeps ability to get $$ these days.

Greg Pfalmer
Greg Pfalmer

November 12, 2014

I recently purchased the “DockLock” pretty slick system, I think it will well worth the money. I don’t want my D33 Ladle in back of someone else’s truck.

steven marshall
steven marshall

November 12, 2014

always remember that when you buy a surf board , new or used , there is a serial number that etched somewhere on the ’ board ’ . record the number and keep with your personable and private papers.


November 12, 2014

My best deterrent – Sandy, my 50 pound four-legged stick protector. Just make sure to bring her back 2 pork tacos…

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