Introducing David Santiago: Degree33 Team Rider - Hilo, Hawaii

November 03, 2014

Life is about relationships. What makes you human is the way you interact with those around you. Every once in a long while, you make a unique and exciting connection with someone that you know will, without a doubt, have a positive effect on your compassion and stoke for living.

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Dude... where's my board?!

October 30, 2014


A while back we told you exactly how to avoid being robbed while out surfing. As a followup, here's a guide to prevent surfboard theft outside of the water. After scratching for bombs all morning, the last thing you're thinking about is your board as you take that first bite into a carne asada burrito. Unfortunately, somebody else my have noticed your board while you were inhaling horchata. 

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How to step it up: Sizing up for winter

September 23, 2014

If global warming is sending us these late season southern hemi hurricane swells, at least there's finally a benefit from climate change. Cabo just got SLAMMED with new hurricane swell. We got the best run of legit I've seen in San Diego in years. My own home break broke bigger than I'd ever seen it... and I've been surfing that wave for over 15 years. 

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Surf Etiquette Part 1 - Observing and entering the lineup

August 15, 2013

These tips outline an overall way of approaching surfing with all the right intentions in mind. Here we’ll cover what to look for in finding the right spot for you. We’ll also tell you what to observe once you’re out there.
Location, location, location.

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Surfer Profile - Kjeld Slingerland: Holland

August 06, 2013

Our blog posts can often take a left or right turn when an interesting topic presents itself. This week I wanted to open our minds to what it means to be a surfer. We come in all shapes and sizes and  our home breaks are more varietal than any of us can imagine.

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South of the Tracks | Degree33 Goes to Baja

May 31, 2013

The Degree33 team heads south of the boarder to cut loose on a quiver of new Degree33 boards. With a modest, clean swell on the horizon, we frothed at the idea of getting awesome footage of our boards in action

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Quick Surfboard Repair: Fix Your Board For Next to Nothing

April 28, 2009

You are out surfing fantastic sets in the middle of some remote surf paradise. There are only two things in the water: you and your surfing buddies. The place is so remote that there isn't even a surf shop. Sounds fantastic until you ding your surfboard on that nasty piece of coral. Or worse, it gets knocked around on the plane before you even get out into the sets.

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