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100 Wave Challenge: Lasting effects

October 23, 2013 1 Comment

A month later and the smile still remains. The fond reflection of the camaraderie still resonates deep in our hearts. More than 150 men, women and kids came together for a singular cause and came out more than victorious, more than excited, more than satisfied.

A month later, the 100 Wave Challenge has changed our lives. It's made us dream bigger, think deeper and desire more out of life than the numbers and material things. The 100 Wave Challenge has asked us to live for more than just ourselves and has shown us a way to do it.

A month later, the 100 Wave Challenge has surpassed it's fundraising goal by more than 34 percent and given San Diego's fatherless kids a massive reason to dream bigger, think deeper and desire even more out of life.

A month later and we're grateful, excited for next year's event and looking for more ways to be better people, better men. A month later, here's a lasting reflection of what if feels like to help, to love, to live. Boys To Men, we thank you.

Click Here to learn more about the 100 Wave Challenge so you can be a part of it next year!

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Tom Hibbert
Tom Hibbert

May 07, 2014

You guys outdo yourselves all the time. Great company,great product,great cause. A little concern,a little compassion and some not so lucky kids get a loving boost, it doesn’t get any better.

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