"33 Day Ride It Surfboard Guarantee" Leaving Other Shops Panicked They'll Lose Business

May 15, 2011 4 Comments

We had a guy come and buy a board from us the other day and he told us an interesting but sad story.
He had just the week before bought a board from another retailer, took the board out, surfed it, and didn't like the way it rode at all. When he tried to take it back to them to exchange it they said, "Sorry we cant take back used boards." So instead of buying another board from them, he gave them the finger (his words not mine) and came and bought a board from us.

This got us thinking. If someone doesn't like our boards... we don't want them hating on us. So why not just take care of them? That way you win with getting the perfect board and we win with having an army of happy customers.

We all want to think the next surfboard we get will instantly turn us into Kelly Slater or Laird Hamilton (some of the greatest surfers of all time), but the reality is, this just isn't the case... it's the board's fault I'm sure.

So, even though we can't guarantee that buying a board from us will instantly make you a pro surfer... we can guarantee you'll LOVE the board you get from us OR... we'll buy it back from you.

Here's what we mean...

Buy any of our surfboards and ride it for 33 days. If after 33 days it's not the perfect board for you, send it back to us (or bring it back if you're local) and we will give you full retail credit towards any other surfboard in our warehouse.

Here's how it works:

  1. You have 33 days from the date of receipt to surf your new board.
  2. If you love it keep it. If you don't, clean it up and get it back to us.
  3. You'll get full credit towards the purchase of a new board when we receive it.
  4. Pick out a new board

Yeah, it's that easy.

Bottom line, we're confident in our boards, and we can't think of any better way to share that confidence with you than to put our money where our mouth is and say if you aren't stoked... we'll take it back! I think you'd agree... that is a fair deal, right?

The amazing thing is that we are the ONLY online surfboard company to stand behind our product and add a ride and love it guarantee. Everybody should... but they don't... Why is that??

So, to get started shopping head to our online surf shop and pick out your next magic stick!

Why are you still reading?? Click the link above and go reserve your board. Let us know if you need any help selecting the right one.

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4 Responses

Garek Hurt
Garek Hurt

May 07, 2014

I’m 5’11 215 and prefer a 9fter but you’re much taller so go with our Ultimate V2 Longboard in a 9’6 with Nexgen epoxy or go custom to get some color. Nexgen is just above $500 and custom fiberglass is closer to $800 depending on your options and color. Here’s a custom Ladle Noserider in standard glass with a touch of color.’2-fiberglass-blue-clear-fade.html

rick wright
rick wright

May 07, 2014

rick again……I am 64……I have a pool and swim a lot everyday…..I think my only problem will be getting up…..thx again rick….

rick wright
rick wright

May 07, 2014

I weigh 210…..have not surfed in 10 years…….my board now is a diamond tail harbor 9ft 4"….I weighed 198……I live in the Philippines…..coming there april 15th for 34 days…..staying in leucadia…..beacons is where I always surf…..what size of a nex v2 board would I need… much for color on the board……..I like to turn and slam into the lip and go back down when it is breaking…….at least I did!…hehehe…..I hope you answer me back…….I tried harbor and another place and they don’t seem to want my business……thx rick

Roger B. Vandevert
Roger B. Vandevert

May 07, 2014

After reading your money-back guarantee and pondering the different types of people you will encounter, I’d say that this shows integrity of character as well as product. A full retail buy back cannot be argued with and cancels any excuse of not liking the board. My concern is abuse with guys who just don’t like six boards in a row. Maybe call it the Costco effect…use, abuse and return. But, with the smarts you already display I’m sure you’ll handle those issues with the same skill as shaping and glassing! Bravo.

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