Surfboard Guide - The Transitioner

What surfboard is next?

Height and weight will always play into your board selection but as you progress it becomes less of an issue.

There isn’t necessarily a rule of thumb guideline that I can plug in here and tell you the magic size. It will depend on the style of board you are selecting, where you will be surfing, the types of waves you will be on, and of course your height and weight.

If you’re looking to move down in size we would recommend you give us a call so that we can help you pick the right board for your circumstances. But for those of you that need some direction here are a couple of common choices.


Transition surfboards are typically going to have a little pointier nose and a pulled in tail. This will provide more maneuverability and a looser feel.

Here are our top 2 transition boards.


the poacher funboard

It’s summer time blues and you still want a solid wave count. Take the Poacher for a spin. It’s designed to be fun, loose, and a wave catching weapon when the waves render shorter boards useless. The Poacher has a purpose for everyone. It’s unique. It’s perfect for a first time grom (youth) or a lightweight lady looking to get out on the water on a manageable board. It’s also ideal for the average surfer wanting to catch everything without moving to a longboard. A thruster fin setup on a round pin tail outline gives you classic control and smooth turns. The Poacher gives you great speed down the line and keeps your rail to rail transitions quick. This means you’ll not only be laying turns when there’s some push, but it will make those smaller days a breeze as well. This board is for ALL skill levels.

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the jack hybrid

If you could only have one shorter board, the Jack is the best choice. With the ability to surf it as a quad or a thruster, the Jack can flex into just about any role. Small and mushy or punchy and hollow, The Jack will excel. The Jack has extra width and volume through the entire outline with a pulled in double wing swallow tail for hold in bigger surf. The extra width under the front fins adds stability and lift when driving through turns and planing through the flats. Whether you’re looking for a transition board or the perfect one-board-quiver to travel with, you won’t be disappointed with the Jack. Longer lengths are for beginners looking to transition into intermediate surfing. Shorter lengths are for intermediate to advanced surfers.

“Hey guys!

I’d been looking for a board to bridge the gap between my shortboard and a few alternative, casual wave style boards. I needed something with more volume than a potato chip, yet aggressive enough to break the fins free when snapping off the lip. I picked up a Nexgen Jack in a 6’0” and upgraded the fins. It was super responsive as a thruster and it’s extremely quick and agile as a quad. If it’s 2-3ft or even a foot or two overhead, the “Jack” is my daily driver. Stoked!”

-Ray K. Oceanside, CA.

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