Our Team

bernard team photo

Bernard Lambotte

Homebreak: Scripps Beach, San Diego, CA

Years Surfing: 22

Stance: Regularly goofy; but always regular.

Favorite Degree33 Board: 5'8 Old School Quad Fish (The Codfather).

Why do you surf?: To escape the mundane life of normality. I think a surfboard is a paintbrush, and a wave as a never ending canvas, so it's art to me, and I love to create and am a perfectionist. So I'll never be good enough, will always be learning, and will always have brand new experiences every time. So my answer is perhaps why I LOVE to surf.

What or who is your biggest inspiration (In life or surfing)?: My biggest inspiration in surfing is to keep on surfing. To build a lifestyle that revolves around surfing. In a silly way, I believe you live life as a surfer once you've fallen in love with it. It doesn't leave you.

What surfers did you look up to the most growing up?: Matt Archbold, Martin Potter, Slater, Taylor Knox, and I always loved the madness from Orange County, the Lost team.

What is one thing you never leave home without?: House keys! And one of my ukes, just in case...

Tell us about your best session: There is no best session. Only the last most memorable moment from my last session. I've had the best sessions of my life in 2 foot storm surf at scripps, as well as glassy morning barrels in Bali - they all hold equal weight - I got to make that memory, so now it's a part of me.

What is your favorite maneuver?: That's a tough one; ok - if it's barreling, than its' getting barreled. If it's not, then a 360, any of them. Reverse, floater reverse, front side 3

Describe your style in 3 words: Unpredictable. Fun. Destruction

Who has a better mustache, Burt Reynolds or Tom Selleck?: Tom Selleck, come on! Where do you think I got the inspiration?

What is your go-to daily board?: Latest has been the quad fin Bean, light - strong - floats crazy good - and gets you all those summer mush mini waves you can get!

Where is your dream surf trip destination?: Corey's Left - Africa.

Any advice to new surfers starting out?: Take up a new sport, golfing, table tennis, ambidextrous chopstick eating. Just kidding! Take your time, learn your beach, meet the locals, become aware of your new environment, and BE SAFE! Learn to fall, know where your board is at all times, keep an eye out for others, be aware of your skill level when choosing your spot to surf, and last but not least - time earns respect.

hunter photo

Hunter Lysaught

Homebreak: Seaside

Years Surfing: 20

Stance: Goofy

Favorite Degree33 Board: The Black Arrow

Why do you surf?: Connected with Creation and Creator

What surfers did you look up to the most growing up?: My oldest brother, La Jolla hometown locals, guys on tour, CJ & Damien Hobgood, Taj, Mick, Bobby Martinez

What is your biggest inspiration in life or surfing?: Jesus, David, Damien Hobgood

What is one thing you never leave home without?: Bible

What is your favorite maneuver?: Tube Hunting

Tell us about your best session:  Gold Coast Australia, longest backside barrels of my life

Describe your style in 3 words: Emulation of Ace (my hope at least)

Where is your dream surf trip destination?: Perfect lefts with friends and punchy beach breaks

Any advice to new surfers starting out?: Enjoy the moment and be respectful. Study the lineup and movement of the Ocean before jumping into it. 

garek photo

Garek "Derek with a G" Hurt

Homebreak: Terramar

Years Surfing: 25

Team Role: Shipping Manager, Utility player, Social Media

Favorite Degree 33 Board: 6'0" Custom coined the "T9". We call it that because Brandon and I kept getting the Taco Bell T-9 combo and then got the same board done custom for each of us. It's a rounded squash take on the Jack, A little more volume, a little more outline, and a touch more flip in the nose and tail. Solid double concave/Vee out the back. Heaps of drive. LOVE IT!

Why do you surf?: Because it's the one place where I feel the most calm, collected and confident. You get to escape the binds of the human body and ride the ocean as if you're a pelican.

What surfers did you look up to the most growing up?:
The big kids that could look stylish on any board under their feet. My Dad and Uncle, they'd let me charge anything I could paddle out in. Andy, Parko, Kelly, Pancho, The Hobgoods, Sunny, Jerry, Pat and Wingnut.

Do you pee in your wetsuit?: Before I even get to the water

What is your favorite food? Leftovers

Where was your best session to date (tell us the conditions) and why?: Hard to recall, I've had mythical sessions in the past but my surfing has gotten better since then. I'd say my favorite recent one was with my lady and the D33 guys, Rob and Boss man Luc. It was semi-clean, not that big but a few good sets here and there. A random set reared up waaaaay beyond the kelp, I knew it was the rogue beast that shows once a session. I quietly lurked out WAY beyond the pack. As soon as everyone saw what was coming, I turned on the jets and got into position. I almost missed the drop but stuck my arm in the wave and took the highline right past the boys. You know you got a good one when the Boss woots you from the shoulder. I got 4 good full wrapping turns and got a finishing hack off the lip... literally rolled up onto the sand. My lady had just scored a wave in and was on the beach, so I wanted to give it my all! That was my best wave in probably the last 2 years.

Describe your style in 3 words: Sturdy, fast, patient.

Any advice to new surfers starting out?: Don't give up, surf every kind of board you can get your hands on, be patient. Push yourself just beyond your comfort zone, you'll learn and improve twice as fast.

Would you rather paddle out solo on an epic day, or paddle out with friends when its small?: Solo on a good day. I love my buddies, but there's nothing like the feeling of taking your surfing to the next level in a single session. At that moment when you eye up the lip for a snap and commit bigger than you ever had, the last thing you're thinking about is someone else.

anton photo

Anton Anderson

Homebreak: Terramar, Carlsbad, CA

Years Surfing: 22

Stance: Regular

Favorite Degree33 Board: The Optimist (Custom Shape).  5’10” x 18 3/4" x 2 3/16" with a round tail

Why/How did you get involved with D33?: 
I saw that they sponsored the 100 wave challenge in 2013 and did a little research online. I was impressed with the company personality and forward-thinking concepts. Met with the team behind the scenes and instantly knew this was a company I wanted to be associated with.

What or who is your biggest inspiration (In life or surfing)?: Biggest inspirations in life are my parents. They define unconditional love.

Why do you surf?: I surf because I love it. Surfing is a part of who I am, and if you were to take that away from me, you’d take a part of who I am away. There’s nothing that makes me feel the same way as surfing.

Which do you prefer, dawn patrol or sunset session?: Dawn for sure

What surfers did you look up to the most growing up?: Kelly Slater obviously (and still look up to). Shane Dorian and Taylor Knox as well.

What is your favorite surf film/clip?: Probably the old school “Slater Black and White”

What is your favorite maneuver?: Hmm…maybe three? 1) backside barrel, 2) front side tail slide on big wave, 3) front side air reverse

Any advice to new surfers starting out?: Surf all the time in every condition. And don’t worry about the surf cameras or reports. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a great session when the reports said it was terrible. Just get out there and enjoy. And if you’re trying to work on more advanced moves, spend some time skateboarding.

Where is your dream surf trip destination?: Indo without a crowd. I loved Fiji and Maldives and would like to make it back to those locations as well.