Our Staff

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Trevor Berge

Age: OLD ha ha its a secret

Years Surfing: 33 (yeah really)

Stance: Regular

How did you get involved with D33?: We became the new owners in 2016

What or who is your biggest inspiration (In life or surfing)?: Jesus Christ in life :) Tom Curren in surfing!

Why do you surf?: The Stoke…only a surfer knows the feeling

Which do you prefer to ride: longboard or shortboard and why?: It depends on the spot and conditions. I like them both equally for different reasons.

What is one thing you never leave home without?: My iPhone

Where was your best session to date (tell us the conditions) and why?: The Ranch in Santa Barbara about 1985. Perfect offshore conditions, kelp beds and all day surfing.

Favorite song to listen to before paddling out??: Switchfoot "Meant to Live"

Which do you prefer, dawn patrol or sunset session?: Dawn patrol

What is your favorite surf film/clip?: Laird Hamilton on his biggest day at Teahupoo

What is your favorite food?: Tough choice but Italian

What is your go-to daily board?: I have three. 5’8 Retro Fish Keel Fin, 6’ All Terrain Vehicle Groveler, 8’ Ultimate Longboard

Dream surf trip destination?: Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Would you rather paddle out solo on an epic day, or paddle out with friends when its small?: With my bros!

Favorite surf break you have ever surfed?: Punta Roca, El Salvador



robert photo

Robert Goodman

Homebreak: Somewhere between Swami's and Seaside

Years Surfing: 16

Team Role: Photo/Video, Customer Service Lead, Sales, Utility player

Favorite Degree 33 Boards: Cloud, Lion Fish, Karma, Supressor.

Why do you Surf?: My family has always been very ocean minded growing up.  From bodysurfing with my dad and mom as a grom, to surfing with my friends as a teenager, the Ocean and the connection I have received through surfing is the most stable thing in my life.  When things get crazy, being out in the ocean to think and reflect seems to have a way of balancing things out for me, or leading me in the right direction.

What or who is your biggest inspiration (In life or surfing)?: In life, my dad has been my biggest influence and inspiration.  In Surfing, its a three way tie between Andy Irons, Taj Burrow, and Dane Reynolds.

What connections does art and surfing have for you?: Surfing is an artistic expression on how you see the wave. There is no ‘Right’ way to do it. Waves are one of a kind, you’ll never see one exactly like it again.  Thats why I like taking pictures of them.  You’re in that moment, and you capture something that can never be recreated exactly the same way again.

Which do you prefer, dawn patrol or sunset session?: Dawn Patrol. Cup of coffee and minimal people in the lineup is a beautiful thing.

Where was your best session to date (tell us the conditions) and why?: There was a day back in High School in spring, and a friend in another classroom checked the report for Ocean Beach (SF).  There was a minimal written report other than it said “GO SURF” in all caps.  We were both 18 at the time and had the ability to check ourselves out of class without getting absences, so I went into the attendance office and said I had a physical therapy appointment.  My dad works from home, so I remember having to sneak into the backdoor of the garage to get my wetsuit and board, without getting the attention from our dog.  We got to Ocean Beach a half hour later and it was 5-7 feet, every sandbar had a perfect A-frame, and the wind was offshore.  We picked a peak by ourselves and scored for hours, until we couldn’t feel our feet anymore.  Still one of my greatest memories ever.

Another that comes to mind, was Hurricane Marie (2014) with Garek after work one afternoon.  We had primarily been surfing down in Cardiff for this storm all week, but we made the trek farther north to Carlsbad find some bombs.  I took out this semi-new 5'7" chop tail quad I designed with Bill (what later became the Cloud model) and was psyching myself out for a bit in the 10-12 ft surf.  I finally caught an absolute SCREAMER of a left in what felt like at least double overhead; pig-dog stance fully engaged.  I re-emerged out on the face and all I could hear Garek and a few dozen others "Yew!"ing as I whizzed by with more speed than I knew what to do with.

Pretty sure that wave made my entire summer.

What is your favorite surf film/clip?: Best all time: Blue Crush 2.  Also, Modern Collective, Dear Suburbia, and Slow Dance have all blown my mind in recent memory.  MarineLayerProductions and What Youth also have killer video shorts always on their site.

Who has a better mustache, Burt Reynolds or Tom Selleck?: Ron Burgundy, hands down.

Best surf etiquette advice for guys in the lineup?: Share. Don’t be a wave hog, get stoked on other people getting good rides.  That and don’t drop in on someone, look both ways before you commit. 

What would make you happier than you already are?: Getting dropped in on by pro surfer Laura Enever.

cody photo

Cody Place

Homebreak: Sunset Cliffs

Years Surfing: 6

Team Role: Warehouse, Shipping

Favorite Degree 33 Board: T9 or Cod

Why do you surf?: Seemed like a good idea at the time.

What surfers did you look up to the most growing up?:
A.I. and Tom Curren.

Do you pee in your wetsuit?: only on land.

What is your favorite food? Right now, a chicken shawarma

Where was your best session to date (tell us the conditions) and why?: Snapper, for sure. Furthest you can travel before you start heading back!

Describe your style in 3 words: Calm, cool, composed.

Any advice to new surfers starting out?: Good things take time.

Would you rather paddle out solo on an epic day, or paddle out with friends when its small?: Solo, and tell all the buds about it!

Bill Minard

Years Surfing: 54

Team Role: Master Shaper

Favorite Degree 33 Board: Its a toss up between the Ultimate and the Jack

Who is your biggest inspiration in surfing?: Skip Frye, John Hayward. That type of fluid surfing is the most visually impressive to me.

Why do you surf?: I'm addicted. There is no rehab for us.

What is one thing you never leave home without?: 4-5 boards

Dawn Patrol or Sunset Sessions?: Dawn Patrol

Favorite Surf Film?: Cosmic Children

Favorite Food?: Mexican

Describe your surfing Style in 3 words: Old School Mellow

Best Surf Etiquette Advice for guys in the lineup: Respect your Elders. Just respect in general. If you go out to try and take over, you are just going to get a bad reputation.

Advice for new Surfers starting out: Go for longer, wider and more stable boards. Get used to the feeling of the board before you move on. Don't try to ride what the big guys ride, it will take you longer to learn. Give it some time and get into it full on, not just once a month. Think, Eat, Surf...commit.

What is your go to board?: A 6'8" Hybrid 4 fin

Would you rather paddle out Solo on an epic day or paddle out with friends when its small?: Paddle out with friends. Its more fun talking with somebody

All time Favorite surf break: The Wall down in Baja