Our Purpose

To encourage the everyday surfer to find their escape among the waves by building surfboards that are purposeful, attractive, and performance minded while still being accessible.

Our Mission

To help 50,000 everyday surfers discover for the first time, maintain, or renew their passion for surfing in the next 5 years.

Our Values


We constantly look for ways to surprise and amaze. Going above and beyond what is expected is the standard in which we operate by with each other and with our customers.

Ask Great Questions

It has been said that you can tell the quality of a person by the quality of questions they ask. It is our job to not only ask great questions of each other but also of our customers. The better questions we ask the better we will be.

Integrity Before Profits

Nothing is a replacement for integrity. We do what is right regardless of the cost to the bottom line.

We Welcome Change

Change is inevitable. It's how you respond to change that is the difference maker. There are times when adjusting to the trends is what’s required, while other times staying the course may be the best decision. Recognizing when to adapt is the key. We are intentional with every change that we are faced with to ensure that the decision we make lines up with our mission.


We aim to make business easy, simple, and without fear. We do our best to remove common obstacles that prevent buy in. We will remain approachable through this process remembering that we are all at different stages.


We remain genuine and venerable with each other regardless of how the truth makes us look. We believe that this ability to be raw and open keeps us relatable and provides opportunity for growth and new insights.


We believe that taking action is more important than letting the fear of making a mistake hold you back. We allow each other grace through the process of failure for it is within failure that our greatest lessons are learned.

Purpose Driven

We believe that living on purpose means considering everything when faced with decisions, adversity, and change. Being intentional as we navigate these things while remaining true to our why is the cornerstone of living on point. We accept that if you don’t live on purpose you will by default live by accident.

Faith Focused

We give God the credit for everything we are blessed with. We believe keeping Him at the center of what we do is foundational to our success. It is about relationship, not religion.

We Bring the Stoke

Keeping in mind that every time we answer the phone, respond to an email, or a person walks through our door, it's more than likely their first experience with us. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Be genuinely enthusiastic.

We Grow

Nothing in life is ever stagnate. You're either expanding or contracting. We look for opportunities to be better and improve our personal lives, professional lives, and our connection to surf culture.

Job Openings

If you feel like our values align with yours and you have an interest in working with a growing company in a fun work environment, please send your resume with cover letter to

Muchas Gracias!