The Wedge

The Modern Noserider with Classic Good Looks

Purpose: The new kid on the block, this new noserider is all about a classic look with perfect toes to the nose balance. Designed for skilled boardwalkers and aspiring noseriders, the Wedge blends a classic outline with tried and true, extra stable features for walking tip to tail while keeping modern rail profiles and updating modern noserider rocker for the perfect blend of steadfast trim and smooth maneuverability.

With a flatter entry rocker and a little bit of kick out of the tail, you won't have to run to the back of your board to bring 'er around. Shift your weight to your back foot and let the tail rocker lift the front end for you. Belly through the middle out to some solid Vee in the tail will get you from rail to rail with the slightest of heal to to transition. The trademark of the Wedge is the deep nose concave outlined with a classic pinline. Step up to the nose on a clean face and the Wedge won't sideslip or spray you in the face. Curl your toes over the edge and enjoy nothing but the deep blue in front of you! Size up from your Ultimate 2-7 inches and you'll pick up everything from here to the horizon.

Designed For: Intermediate to Advanced surfers who want a classically-styled noserider with modern maneuverability and hold.

Sweet Spot: Ankle biters to head high surf, with its true identity revealed when it's thigh to shoulder high and glassy. From clean, reefy A-frames to long peeling point breaks, the Wedge is dialed in for fancy footwork and long smooth turns.