The "Ladle"

ladle noserider size chart

Ready to cross-step and hang 10?

Purpose: If you’ve been dying to get your toes on the nose, the Ladle will become your new go-to longboard. The deep nose concave gives you unmatched hold to help you perfect your fancy footwork. The relatively flat belly provides the perfect glide to get you into waves effortlessly, while the double concave off the tail will have you transitioning smoothly out of turns to set you up for your next soul arch. You’ll be coasting into even the smallest ripples while others curse the surf gods. Setup as a single fin to reduce drag and promote uncompromising flow, and graceful arcing turns. This progressive longboard will help you define your style with long noserides and phenomenal maneuverability.

Designed For: Intermediate to Advanced surfers who can draw clean lines and control their speed to setup for noserides.

Sweet Spot: Knee to Shoulder high, with its true identity revealed in gentle and clean open faces.