Degree 33 Demo Day with Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship

January 21, 2019

Weekend Happenings; Degree 33 Demo Day with Surfers Unite

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Showroom Specials

November 15, 2018

Our buddy Cameron came down to the D33 Warehouse to shoot a couple boards we have here ready to go!

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Bernard and Kieran testing the Biggie Shortboard & Keelfather Fish Surfboard

August 10, 2018

Last week, I met with team riders Kieran Anderson and Bernard Lambotte on a fun sized day of surf in Carlsbad to test out some of the newer boards in our lineup, The Biggie and the Keelfather.

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Seaside Sessions with Hunter Lysaught and Kieran Anderson

June 29, 2018


Seaside sessions with Hunter on his new 5’3” EPS Cloud, and Kieran on his 5’6” Biggy!

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The Ultimate Longboard Darkwood Series: Part 2 - New resin tints!

October 27, 2017

The last round of Darkwood Series Ultimates lasted maybe three weeks before they marched out the door under the arms of grinning customers. Since then, we've come out with a few new series' of boards that have also sold incredibly well. But there was something about the Darkwood Series that struck us as simple and elegant. We circled back to our favorite longboard for another go at it to try out another batch of daring color combinations.

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Ryan Gambrell: The Degree 33 Custom Surfboard Experience.

October 18, 2017

What's delightfully ironic about his stature, often thought a hinderance, is that every day Ryan paddles out, it's head high. When it's head high for us, it's standup double overhead barrels for him. What.. a.. life!...

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The closeout list. Huge discounts on our used, repaired, blem, and discontinued surfboards.

October 12, 2017

We're the only surfboard company that will let you trade your board back in for full value after you ride it, period. Most shops won't even give you credit for it. So what happens when we get a board traded back in for something else?


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The Acid Splash Surfboard Series: A new look with an old trick

October 12, 2017

Surfboard art has been around since the foam blank was launched for full scale production at the turn of the 60's. The wooden boards before that had their own aura and beauty about them. As surfboards became more and more personalized and customized by their owners, board builders began to add an artistic approach to their boards, hiring artists and skilled glassers to paint and tint their boards.

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New Model Arrival: The Wedge Noserider Longboard

October 06, 2017

Back in 2014 we launched our second noserider model with some solid fanfare. The Ladle stayed pretty low key, quietly fitting in with the rest of the longboards in our showroom racks. 2017 brought our noserider concept back to the shaping bay for something that would pay respect to the heritage of the classic noserider and put it in the limelight where it belongs.

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The 100 Wave Challenge Recap: Nearly $350,000 raised by 175 surfers

October 03, 2017

We're incredibly blessed to live where we do, lead the lives we live, and love the people we hold close. To be frank, it's more than a blessing because we're the lucky ones. The men here are acknowledging this, and are setting out to surf a hundred waves for an incredible cause.

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New for this fall: The full package deal!

September 14, 2017

Surfing is completely free... technically. It's free once you get all of your gear dialed in, but that's not easy to do on your own. If you get any piece of your gear wrong, it's not cheap to fix it. So what do we NEED to get in the water this fall that'll carry us through the winter season and into spring?

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8th annual 100 Wave Challenge - Sept. 23rd, 2017. It's Game Time!

September 06, 2017

 We're getting down to the wire for the 8th annual 100 Wave Challenge! Our team is 12 members strong and our goal is to raise $20000, so almost $1700 a piece. The last time we talked, you guys helped us raise $2000 in less than 72 hours. 

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