What is the best youth surfboard?

April 20, 2022

What is the best youth surfboard?

When you’re talking about buying a surfboard for your kids, the rules change a bit. First of all, they grow like weeds, and this means that a surfboard that is the right fit for them now, won’t be next year. Second, their ability to learn new things and adapt is superior to adults, so the style of board that you get them is really relative.

Let’s start by addressing the first one. You may want to buy a board that is a little too big so that your grom can grow into it. As a guideline, a board that is 12-24” bigger than they are, is a good place to start. Make sure that the board is on the skinny side of things 19- 20” so that their arms can fit around it. This will make it not only easier to paddle but this ensures that your son/daughter will be able to carry it from car without dropping it.

Our second point is that the shape you pick for your child’s board isn’t that important. As long as the volume is appropriate for their size, you can get a shortboard or a funboard and they will be able to stand up quite easily.


Although surfing is a relatively safe sport, there are definitely inherent risks with surfing including getting hit by your surf- board. The soft top or foam surfboard is perfect for the surfer worried about injury while surfing, especially if you are trying to teach young kids or anyone worried about the bumps and bruises that are sometimes tied into learning. Unfortunately, soft tops aren’t necessarily the best to learn on because of their very generic shape (typically very flat on the bottom) and the fact that over time they can take on water and will require wax as they are made with a slippery deck skin. However, the plus side is that they have a low price point for someone not sure they’ll enjoy surfing. They’re also a good place to start with young surfers because we all know how easily their attention gets changed... this week surfing... next week skateboarding :)


Unlike the soft boards that you find at your local shop which are made up of all foam, ours are a real epoxy surfboard with a wood stringer and a special yoga mat material added on the deck that requires NO WAX, this special feature creates an added layer of safety from regular fiberglass surfboards. So here is how it works, we make a hand shaped epoxy surfboard and wrap the top with our soft grip material. You get performance you can’t get with a standard foamy soft board while having the comfort of knowing you can take some spills and not land on top of a hard epoxy or fiberglass surface. (Not to mention you can use alternative fins for when you start to progress!).

Watch the video on these amazing boards here


Our recommendation out of our line is our EpoxySoft Hybrid construction, with the Poacher fun shape taking the lead.


The Poacher is great for a grom because of its short length and slender profile. The wide round nose will allow them to catch a ton of waves while the tail shape and fin setup will allow them to turn the board easily. It’s also big enough that they will be able to grow into it as they not only grow taller but get better.   This is essentially a longboard for a youth body size and can be the perfect starter board.


These boards are shorter than the Poacher and have a more performance look to them.  If the surfer is smaller or would like to progress at a faster pace, this board is a little more advanced than the big brother Poacher explained above.  Because of the wide outline and extra volume in the nose and tail this board is still very easy to paddle and catch waves.  This board would be great for kids or young adults that don't want to ride a longer board and weigh under 150 pounds. 


This hybrid shape shortboard is another great way to go. They are a little bit narrower and have a “cool” shape that the groms want to have when they head to the beach.  This board will allow a younger person to get better at surfing and catch tons of waves without having to carry around a larger board.

Selecting the right model requires a little bit of guidance so we would suggest you visit the shop or call us to discuss the three options above.  As always, the height, weight and experience level of the surfer plays into proper board selection.  

If your in San Diego stop by or call us (800) 920-2363 or email surf@dgeree33.com and we will help you pick the right board.

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