The Ultimate Longboard Darkwood Series: Part 2 - New resin tints!

October 27, 2017 3 Comments

The last round of Darkwood Series Ultimates lasted maybe three weeks before they marched out the door under the arms of grinning customers. Since then, we've come out with a few new series' of boards that have also sold incredibly well. But there was something about the Darkwood Series that struck us as simple and elegant. We circled back to our favorite longboard for another go at it to try out another batch of daring color combinations.

Here's what stands out to us with the Darkwood Series:

The new script logo takes us back to the golden era of surfboard building, before nifty symbols replaced the revered legacies badged with honor on every board. There's something simple and classy in a clear, crisp name badge. That's why the script logo was created. 

The Darkwood stringer reminds us of our predecessors, pioneers of our way of life, lugging brilliantly rich, dark, gleaming planks of redwood down to the rumbling ocean. A time long before loud, bright cigarette boats, when hand-built Chris Crafts patrolled the waterways, redwood and mahogany, leather and chrome, start to finish.  

A dash of color brings a liveliness to the personality of the Darkwood Series. Surfboards are an expression of who the craftsmen are, who you are. The subtle yet bold resin tints put a final note of exuberance into these meticulously created surfboards, adding an exclamation to our statement that this is the Ultimate Longboard. 

The Ultimate Longboard Darkwood Series is the perfect expression of who we are as a brand, bringing quality boards, built by the most trusted hands in the industry, to every type of surfer in the water, providing this way of life to all walks of life willing to venture out into the deep blue.  

With that, we bring you The Darkwood Series. Part two in our collection of crisply curated creations with our best selling model, the Ultimate Longboard.

A quick recap on the Ultimate...

The Ultimate is our entry level longboard, only in the sense that it's incredibly easy to pick up surfing with this as your first real (hard) surfboard. It's a 2+1 fin setup, which means you'll ride it with a large center fin and smaller side fins for stabilization. As you improve, you can slowly shift your center fin away from the tail to gain more maneuverability. The Ultimate boasts a perfect dose of foam (volume) with forgiving rails and just enough rocker to keep you from going over the handlebars. Finally, the most intriguing feature of the Ultimate, is the chined rails. The beveled rail creates a narrowing planing surface, making the Ultimate an incredibly responsive board for its length. Extremely versatile, our performance longboard can handle everything from knee high to 3ft overhead. Whether you're just getting started, or you've been at it for decades, you'll come out of the water with an ear to ear grin every time.

So how are these Ultimate Longboards special?

  • We teamed up with US Blanks and had custom "darkwood" 3/8"stringers glued into the blank to create a bold contrast against the rest of the board. Next we did bolder tints in electric blue and honey orange with the final board being a more economic choice, a standard clear finish. Finally, we laid our new script logo lams into the glass to dress it up a touch.
  • The thicker, darker stringer gives off hints of classic wooden boat design while adding strength to the full length of the board
  • Resin tints are a whole different beast in the lamination state of the board building process. The results below show how clean, crisp and colorful the contrast is between the tinted rail and the deck of the board.
  • The new Script Degree 33 logo takes a modern design and gives it that 60s log look that stands out in today's lineup without having to do any talking.

    So, here are the 3 boards we built:


    8'0 x 22 1/2 x 2 7/8 - Ultimate Longboard - Darkwood Stringer Honey Orange Tint


    8'6 x 22 1/2 x 2 7/8 - Ultimate Longboard - Darkwood Stringer Electric Blue Tint


    9'0 x 23 x 3 - Ultimate Longboard - Darkwood Stringer Clear (No tint)


    If you're interested in one of these gorgeous boards, we'll build it custom to your specifications and have it delivered to your door in about 6 weeks, or have you pick it up in 4 weeks. We're not going to blow these out the door in droves. We want your experience to be unique and your board to be a singular statement of who you are as a surfer. Get yours started today!


    To place your order or talk board talk:

    Email us at - surf@degree33.com

    Call us at - 858 693 3692

    3 Responses


    February 27, 2019

    Hello,cant seem to locate the dimensions and thickness of the surfer sup.Can you send me this info please.Thank you.

    Doc Watson
    Doc Watson

    February 20, 2018

    Regarding the Ultimate Models: To date I have purchased 3 Ultimates. 1 Custom hand shaped by Bill and 2 Epoxy. I have my own shop " Doc Watson Custom Surfboards" & have been shaping & getting Salty since the mid 60’s. These Ultimates are fantastic performers, and are a favorite go to board in virtually all conditions. The quality has been top notch, and the customer support & service from Degree 33 the best! Buy with confidence!!


    November 02, 2017

    You guys are killing it! These boards look insane! Cheeeeee! Keep up the good work!

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