The Mexican Blanket Series - Our Muey Caliente Quiver Selection

August 04, 2017 1 Comment

Degree 33 Surfboards Mexican Blanket Series

We're absolutely FROTHING over this new trio called the "Mexican Blanket Series" with a carefully selected bundle of some of our shop favorites. While they're most impressive in summer conditions when shortboards aren't enough foam and crowds make longboards a little tough to swing around, each of these boards have remained go-to's year round through some solid swell. Recently we tested this cloth on a couple of boards and brought one to the boardroom show, The Codfather II (new twin fin.) The response was unanimous. We HAD to build more. It lasted in our showroom for about 4 days before it was snatched up by a lucky repeat customer. 

So how do we even get this brilliant, intricate color?

We've started working with Boardlams, a fiberglass printing company that creates incredible, glass cloth designs ready to laminate right into the board as a light reinforcement, but more than anything, a unique way to bring colorful designs to any quiver. Being San Diego locals we couldn't pass up the opportunity to get our hands on some of this Mexican blanket cloth.

So... without further interruption, here's the lineup!

The Poacher Egg Funboard: 6'6 x 21 1/4 x 2 5/8 = 45 Liters

First up, and the most user friendly of the bunch, is our egg funboard shape dubbed "The Poacher." This shape is tested, tried and true, for summer fun, and a year-round transition board for newer surfers coming off of smaller longboards. For more experienced surfers wanting to boost wave count while the shortboards catch a breather, this is a great way to add foam and glide without lugging around a full sized longboard. The name is the game, poaching waves never got so easy. Like a good quality haircut, the front end is all about user friendly paddle glide, while the back end is all business, with a rounded pin for precision rail to rail game that's much more responsive that you'd expect. Order yours 4-6 inches taller than your shortboard, or 6'- 6'6 for intermediate/advanced riders, 6'8 - 7'2 for beginners/intermediate transitioners. Pull the Poacher out when it's anywhere from knee to head high on long, open faced shoulders.


"The Cloud" Groveler Specialty Board: 5'7 x 21 x 2 1/4 = 32 Liters

The Cloud came around after Rob tested out the Poacher and wanted a more nimble and drivey version. So he literally had Bill chop the last 10 inchest of board off and put a late hip in the tail to bring the width down for more control. Originally a quad, we've switched it over to a 5-fin setup for versatility, though the primary setup is 4 fins. Perfect for the intermediate rider looking for a loose, nimble, speedy wave catching machine, the Cloud is a small wave beast that loves a heftier challenge when the waves turn on. An alternative "gifted crazy younger brother" to the fish, there's absolutely nothing like this template in any other shaping bay. If you want a no-look board where you don't even need to log in to surfline to know you're going to have a fun paddle, this is your ticket. Order yours about 2 inches shorter than your fish. Amply established in thigh to head high, Rob's gone up to 2-3ft overhead during Hurricane Marie and she still held her own.


The T9 Daily Driver Shortboard: 6'0 x 20 x 2 9/16 = 34 Liters

The T9 is the brainchild of Brandon and Garek's struggles to find a shortboard that would float their "dad bods" AND cater to intermediate/advanced performance shortboard skills.

Brandon exclaimed "Dude, I can't even use my shorty unless it's firing. I really don't want to have to ride some burger of a board just to get maneuverability.

"Garek replied "Bro, what if we squashed it down, using a fuller shortboard template? Then we could both shortboard without having to give up float or performance.

"Brandon fancied "Yeah! So uh, what are we gonna call it? .... [crunch... crunch... of a Taco Bell T9 Combo... the 3rd of the week for both hefty fellers]"

...And so the T9 was born. We've spec'd it out to fit all types of surfers, fully custom head to toe. Set standard with 5 fin boxes, go tri or quad based on the conditions. This board is the perfect go-to for a nimble, forgiving shortboard that packs in extra volume AND allows performance shortboard skills whether it's thigh high or 1-2 feet overhead. Order 2-4 inches shorter than your "only when it's firing" shortboard.

These beauties won't last long, and they're one-of-a-kind whether you strike while the iron is hot or get yours dialed in with your specs. Light up your lineup with these hot headturners!

To snag one of these sweet and spicy mexican blanket series' boards or get yours custom tailored, shoot us an email or ring us at the shop:

Shop phone: 858 693 3692

Shop email:


1 Response

steve c.
steve c.

September 08, 2017

Love the Mexican blanket series. Would like to see that in a longboard! I’m a 67 y/o , 5-10 / 190lbs beginner still trying to decide on my first board. This one is definitely in the running! Need something for the small Surf City, NC waves.

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