Surfboard Fins 101 - Back to the basics

July 13, 2017

Fins are one of the most underrated surfboard upgrades in surfing. There are so many options now that just a quick fin swap can completely change very nature of your board. 

Many of us have ridden factory stock, improperly sized fins for YEARS not realizing we'd been hurting our surfing the entire time. There were so many aspects to fins that we really hadn’t even figured in, worst of all, the basics.

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The Pocket Poacher. Bite sized and full of flavor!

January 04, 2017

What came out, was something that gave shortboarders a chance to leave no day unridden, and gave longer board riders a way to mingle in the pocket without giving up glide, float, stability and control. 

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The MOST important upgrade for any surfboard. EVER.

March 06, 2014


Most surfboards in your local shop don’t come with a set of fins included in the price of the board. Surf shops love this because now you’re going to have to hover over the fin wall and pick out a set that’s going to ding ya at least $40 minimum. I rode stock fins for YEARS before I realized I’d been basically riding on junk the WHOLE time. There were so many aspects to fins that I really hadn’t even figured in. These days, there are countless fin systems for an endless array of applications.Combine that with the uniqueness of every surfer out there and we’re talking millions of different combinations that are possible.

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