Summer Picks: The Jack and Poacher - New Sample Color + Free Bag/Leash Sale

July 13, 2017

Sample Sale Surfboards

THIS is one of the most exciting aspects of being a part of Degree Surfboards and riding along with us on our journey… Nobody loves new surfboard like you guys (except us). Every few seasons we mix it up, picking out a few new colors to try out, sending a handful of one-of-a-kind surfboards through production. We used to just let be sold just like any other of the standard colors in that model, but we thought we'd shake it up a little bit, so here's the deal...

…While supplies last, we’re going to give you a shot at scoring a completely unique Degree 33 Surfboard. That means, not a single other 1 of the 8 Billion people on this planet will have the same board as you. Rad right?

Should you score one of our unique test boards, we’re going to wrap it in one of our brand new, bright white, Degree 33 tarpee day bags and get you hooked up with our co-branded Stay Covered leashes (Same leash used by the big wave world tour) absolutely free.

The first board, ideal for everyday conditions, is the Poacher funboard. This summer egg shape is a party in the front, but all business in the back. The wide-brimmed nose and relaxed rocker sneak you into waves way ahead of the pack while the rounded pin tail combined with a thruster setup give you precision control through seamless carves. Why call it the poacher? When you go out hunting waves on this swell magnet, you’re coming home with more than your fair share of waves! If your goal is to boost your wave count without lugging a log out to sea, this is your nimble, secret weapon.

If you're on the smaller or petite side of the spectrum, or you ride smaller boards and don't want to go too long for a fun egg shape, shoot for the 6'6.

If you're a medium-sized surfer that wants the full glide of a mid-range board as their "summer cruiser" or you're a bigger guy looking for a more nimble stick than a longboard, this is your ticket, go 7'2.

Take this out from thigh to head chest high to capture the sweet spot, she'll go knee to overhead no problem if you're an strong paddler.

The sample colors are:

6'6 - Squash Orange Epoxy

Poacher - Sweet Potato

7'2 - Butter Yellow Epoxy

7'2 - Light Sky Blue  Epoxy

Poacher - Cool Green Mint

Finally we have the Jack hybrid utility shortboard. This model is a blend of our favorite fish and shortboard benefits, geared to help newer surfers transition off of an egg shape and into the realm of performance surfing by combining fuller features with an aggressive outline. Five fin slots allow for adjustments on the fly when the conditions take a turn for better or worse. 

If you're just coming off of a larger board, and you're a medium or large framed beginner just learning to build speed and work the face, this is your ticket. If you're a salty veteran, used to mid-range and longboards, this is your transition to intermediate performance surfing and paddling deep on the peak on bigger days. Go with the 7'0.

If you're a larger guy looking for your full-bodied, every day shortboard that will float your frame and huck you into winter bombs while gliding through summer slop, this is your stick. Or, if you're a lightweight beginner, this is your key to learning cutbacks, off the lips, floaters, and roundhouses. Either way go with the 6'4.

The Jack is incredibly versatile, with a sweet spot from waist to head high, and a ridiculous range of knee to 2-3 feet overhead.

The unique sample colors are:

6'4 - Lighter Blue Dip Epoxy

Lighter Blue

7'0 - Sea Blue Dip Epoxy

Jack - Sea Blue

We don't do this often, let alone just give stuff away at random, so get it while it's hot! Once these boards are out the door, that's the last of them.

By the time you finish reading this email, there’s a good chance one of these beauties is already on its way to a new home. Click here to score your one of a kind Degree 33 surfboard and free bag/leash combo!

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