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Showroom Specials

November 15, 2018

Recently, we had our friend Cameron come by with his camera & lenses to shoot some of the "specialty" models we have available at the shop.  He came back with these rad 'bite-sized' videos to give you a fresh look at what we've been working on.  100% Handshaped, Hand Finished, and glassed.  See something you want to customize? 

Give us a call and we can make it!

Board #1 - 5'8" EPS Bullet w/ Fin Disciples Bread + Butter Quads & Trailer fin.

Board #2 - 6’6” Poly Poacher with Mexican Blanket Dip & Fin Disciples Bread + Butter Thruster Fins

Board #3 - 6’6” Poly Easy Rider Hybrid w/ Captain Fin Quad Fins

Board #4 - 9’6” Poly Ultimate w/ Resin Tint & Opaque Combo

Board #5 - 9’6” Poly Ultimate w/ Darkwood Stringer

Board #6 - 9’2” Poly Wedge w/ Darkwood Stringer and Coral Sanded Resin Tint

Board #7 - 5’4” Poly Biggie Shortboard w/ JJF Thruster Fins

Board #8 - 5’6” Poly Lionfish w/ Fin Disciples Keel Twin Fins

Board #9 - 5’5” Poly Cloud w/ Fin Disciples Bread + Butter Thruster Fins



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