New Model Arrival: The Wedge Noserider Longboard

October 06, 2017

Back in 2014 we launched our second noserider model with some solid fanfare. The Ladle stayed pretty low key, quietly fitting in with the rest of the longboards in our showroom racks. 2017 brought our noserider concept back to the shaping bay for something that would pay respect to the heritage of the classic noserider and put it in the limelight where it belongs.

The first thing you notice is the stringer(s.) Yes, there's two of them and they form a sharp wedge, pointing to where your feet belong, toes curled over the front lip of this sleek noserider, aptly names "The Wedge." A wedged double stringer does a couple of things beyond just looking gorgeous. Torsion flex along the center of the board is tightened up much like a strut brace in a racecar. When you walk this board well above the fin, it's extremely stable. In addition, the board is stronger and the back fin box is tightly reinforced with a concrete connection to both stringers. When it comes to strength, two light weight stringers is better than 1 fat one.

Next, flip the board over and a crisp pinline traces a deep single concave on low slung nose rocker. Nose concaves are a staple of the noserider world. The pocket formed by the concave produces low surface pressure and a flat spot in the stringer to keep the nose steadfast in the face of the wave. 

Finally, we've gone back to the classic pin tail outline for better fin hold. Square tails produce a lot of lift and can create a sensation a lot like a truck struggling with traction in the rain, not enough hold on the rear axle. Narrowing up the tail reduces lift and sinks the tail lower in the water, creating more engagement with your center fin. 

We've dressed "The Wedge" up with a standard colored rail band and matching nose concave pinline. Every Wedge noserider gets the twin wedge stringer setup. When you look at the big picture, this board is meant to hold the line as smoothly as possible!


If working your way through intermediate surfing and you've gotten extremely comfortable with your Ultimate, or you're solid on smaller boards and want that classy noserider to dance on when it's small and perfect, "The Wedge" is your ticket to logging massive noserides in anything from shin-high to 1 foot overhead. Modern rails keep you locked in if you're the kind of surfer that takes to the nose when it's pumping!

Order yours in two different sizes:

9'2 x 23 x 3: For surfers 5'5 - 5'10 and 130lb -175lb

9'7 x 23 x 3 : For surfers 5'9- 6'2 and 170- 210lbs

10'2 x 23 x 3: For surfers 6'0 - 6'6 and 200-255lbs

*We can always go custom based on your preferences, your skill, and your body type.

Look for "The Wedge" noserider longboard to roll out online before the end of the year, or call us at 858 693 3692 and order yours up now! 

You can also reach us at surf@degree33.com to spitball dimensions and color options for your own signature version of The Wedge!


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