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D33 Welcomes Ryan Gambrell, our newest team rider!

August 08, 2016


Ryan, a local to North County San Diego's coastline, just joined up with us to bring yet another unique and talented surfer to the Degree33 Surfboards surf team! In this video, Ryan drives home the best thing about surfing... everything that makes us different from each other washes away when we paddle out. The common bond of riding waves creates a community built on pure stoke! Stoke for you, stoke for us, stoke for everybody.

We're amped to bring Ryan on, who just took First Place in the Standing Adaptive Division up in San Onofre on his new Poacher!

Ryan continually passes his love for surfing on to inspired onlookers. Just this past July, he teamed with fellow adaptive surfers to introduce surfing to the next generation of enabled (that's right, I said enabled, not disabled) kids growing up with challenges. Ryan participated in the Junior Seau Foundation Adaptive Surfer Program, showing 7yo Sebastian of Encinitas, the larger-than-life stoke that comes with scoring your first waves. 

When the Little People of America Conference came to town, Ryan jumped on board, setting up a massive, 50 person event for his guests where they got the opportunity to take surf lessons. Ryan said it best. "When you go to SF, you see the Golden Gate Bridge, NY, the statue of liberty, San Diego? You go surfing!"

Here's how we see it... Ryan actually has the upper hand, overhead barrels are his birthright! So Ryan Gambrell, welcome to the team! We can't wait to shape some killer boards, shoot some stellar footage, and watch you inspire those who want to surf but need a little nudge! 


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