Bernard and Kieran testing the Biggie Shortboard & Keelfather Fish Surfboard

August 10, 2018

Last week, I met with team riders Kieran Anderson and Bernard Lambotte on a fun sized day of surf in Carlsbad to test out some of the newer boards in our lineup, The Biggie and the Keelfather. 

Considering the waves, it was interesting to watch the different waves that Bernard and Kieran would wait for. Bernard seemed to have a little more flexibility with wave choice since the Keelfather is more friendly to mushier conditions, but when the set waves came rolling in, Kieran could pack more high performance with the Biggie.

 A little background on these new shapes;

The Biggie is for an Intermediate to advanced surfer in fair to good conditions.  The more compact surfer usually gets the raw deal when it comes to surfboard sizes. Most boards off the rack are geared for surfers 5'8 and 145 and up. What happens if you're shorter, or lighter than that? You have to know a shaper that can build you a custom board. We're cutting out that step with the Biggie, our soon to be notorious compact performance shortboard for the lightweight adult or up and coming grom. The Biggie is a contest-ready shortboard geared for the experienced rider. Somewhat of a blend between the front end of the optimist, and the back end of the All-Terrain Vehicle, the Biggie is extremely well balanced for gripping and ripping. The moderate single to light double concave, thruster fin setup and modern rocker provide instant response to the surfer's most minute input. Meant to surf the same to 2 inches above your height, surf the Biggie in conditions that cater to your A-game and this board will perform like you need to win this heat!

Now the Keelfather is a smoother, more stylish big brother to the Codfather.  Bringing speed and flow to just about any wave condition, this new keel fin option is an easy paddler and a wave hog! The twin keel fin hardware in the tail reduces drag, boosting speed and glide through swooping turns. Traditional single to vee concave from the midpoint through the tail makes rail to rail transitions smooth and easy with such a wide tail. With all the advantages of the original Codfather amplified by less drag, more speed and heightened response, the Keelfather is everything you've always wanted and more in a twin fin, high gear groveler. You can order your Biggie here from our stock, and the Keelfather here.  You can always call us for custom options at (858) 693 3692

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