8th annual 100 Wave Challenge - Sept. 23rd, 2017. It's Game Time!

September 06, 2017

 2013 - Degree 33 Surfboards' first time participating in the 100 Wave Challenge

We're getting down to the wire for the 8th annual 100 Wave Challenge! Our team is 12 members strong and our goal is to raise $20000, so almost $1700 a piece. The last time we talked, you guys helped us raise $2000 in less than 72 hours. That's incredible! We're asking for your help again. The bottom line is this... as of 2016, the prison population is 93% male and 7% female. A very strong majority, 85% of that male population was missing something absolutely essential male development. A father. There's a massive hole in our social fabric, and we're asking you to help us fix it, one kid at a time!

Mission Beach: The annual mid-morning 100 Wave Big Joe speech


It’s the primary fundraiser held annually to help get America’s kids off the streets, out of gangs and into living life as positive role models… as standout citizens in their communities. This event brings troubled kids off the fringe and into the middle of their community, helping to build tools for living that weren't passed down from their fathers, who, where often never there in the first place.


85% of Incarcerated youths come from fatherless homes.
71% of high school dropouts come from fatherless homes.
63% of youth suicides come from fatherless homes.
90% of homeless youths come from fatherless homes.
85% of children with behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes.
Fatherless boys are 4 times more likely to need help for emotional or behavioral problems.

Be a part of the solution!

These are the kids we help. Boys to Men is available to them 7th-12th grade.


Children, especially boys, who are raised without a father in the home, are often left to fend for themselves, typically raising their siblings while their mother works multiple jobs to feed them. Young boys like these have ZERO male role models to show them what a responsible man looks and acts like. With no guidance and the burden of financial, psychological, emotional and physical hardship, boys turn to crime to make ends meet, and the protection and power of local gangs as a means of survival.

Co-founders Joe and Craig are the best men we know!


Boys to Men spends an hour and half every week, in more than 30 schools across the county, providing a safe place for kids to talk about what's going on in their lives. Mentors share their experiences, good and bad, giving these kids the freedom to share their own story. Boys to Men Mentoring is a program of men showing up for these kids, often referred by courts, teachers, parents, juvenile hall, school counselors, and psychologists. By showing up, these kids finally get to have what's missing, positive men who care for and guide them to become good men as well. The 100 Wave Challenge raises more than 50% of the annual budget for this program and is responsible for tripling the size of the Boys to Men Mentorship Network over the past 4 years.


We’re fathers, husbands, sons, and we understand the importance of investing in our youth, especially the less fortunate. These are the next male role models, the next fathers. For the last half decade, we've stood shoulder to shoulder with other good men and women to support these kids, guide their ambitions, and raise money to help expand Boys to Men so that more kids can have access to good guys in their lives. We're a part of this because love and compassion aren't a part of the survival tool kit given to us to thrive in a world where "success" is measured in dollars and status. We're a part of this because we all could use a regular practice of love and compassion in our lives. We have to live that on a weekly, daily, momentary basis. We do this because it is our duty to show this generation of boys how to become fair leaders, caring mentors and someday, loving fathers to the generation that they raise.


Pledge a donation to the Degree 33 Team!


Volunteer your effort to this epic day!

It costs $71,000 to incarcerate 1 inmate for 1 year.

It costs $500 to take 1 boy through 1 year of the mentorship

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