Feature Friday - Captain Fin/ McCallum 8" Longboard Fin

February 26, 2016

Today is Feature Friday, where I go out during the week and either try out a new model we are testing, or an accessory that we recommend with our boards.  Today, I am reviewing the 8" Jeff Mccallum fin by Captain Fin Co, Which I think is a great fin for all of our longboard models, and my new current favorite fin for my 9'7" Ladle.

First off, let me remind everyone that I was not a longboarder at first, this is a new realm for me.  I started out on more midlength and rounder shapes, eventually going towards fishes, simmons and modern shortboards.  I didn't even have a longboard in my quiver until I moved to Cardiff when I was 20, so I've been trying various fins ever since to find the ideal fin.  I've found that swapping fins within longboards can translate to such different feels within the same board, and have become fascinated to the idea and design behind each one.

I took the 8" McCallum fin out in Cardiff on a small 1-3 foot day to an empty beach break. It was low to mid tide, offshore wind was keeping the lips open and the barrels sizeable enough to tuck your body into for a decent few seconds in the tube.

We were unsure of what to make of the day. No one was out, and yet there were these little a-frame peelers, a day I probably would have left and grabbed coffee instead.

Garek and I traded off on waves, often splitting the same wave for nearly 3 hours, which really gave me an opportunity to throw my board around (Having your everyday surf buddy be of opposite stance works out so well when it’s clean lefts and rights).

This fin was SO fun.

The fin allowed the tail to still sit in the back of the wave as I crept my weight forward, being able to perch up towards the nose and just hold a line, occasionally gouging my right arm through the wall to keep inside the barrel. If you wanted to step out in front of the barrel, the fin allowed you to dig a sweeping bottom turn into a really fun hit off of the lip. But what I was more impressed with how maneuverable it made the board when switching between turns and holding a line to get barreled.

It had the right amount of hold I was used to, while added another level of speed and trim. The fin has a good amount of size around the base, but is much more flexy and skinny towards the tip.  The fin has light rake through the bottom and middle of the fin, and really accentuates as it goes towards the tip. Probably the reason it has such a good combination of performance flex, while being able to noseride at times.

I'd recommend this board in any one of our boards 7'6" and up, especially in our Ladle and Larger Ultimates.  Its got a great feel to it when wanting performance, yet will allow you to creep up and down the board without losing momentum.


If you are looking for more Pivot style fins, check out my previous post on the 9.75 Pivot by JJ Wessels Here





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