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Feature Friday - The Ultimate

July 24, 2015


It's summer time.  The waves are on average smaller and weaker, and you need an everyday board that will get you stoked on going to the beach and getting out there.  With 8:30pm sunsets these days, you need to get your wave count high, and not be lazy on the couch like I have been for the last week.  The Ultimate is your ticket to everyday beach fun, and is our best selling board to date.

 The flagship of our lineup, the “Ultimate” lives up to its name with its unique ability to combine so many elements of a great longboard into one perfect craft. 

With a more pronounced entry rocker over traditional logs, the board handles well in larger surf while also helping the new guy avoid digging the nose. Flat through the belly into a double concave keeps you paddling fast with good lift and release off the tail for responsive turning.  Designed for versatility, the Ultimate blends together the stability a new surfer needs to get to their feet fast and often, with an elegant level of responsiveness experienced riders demand.

One of the characteristics that we try to highlight with the Ultimate is the beveled (Chine) rail.  Essentially the idea is that when you are paddling on the board, the water rides off the outside section of the rail, giving you stability.  The inside rail comes into play as you are scooping into the face of the wave, performing like it is narrower. It's nice and stable on the take off, and can get going pretty freakin fast for a longboard its size.  Since you'll usually catch me on a board under 6 feet, It was a nice difference when it came to longboards, this is definitely one of the fastest I've ever tried.

My go-to longboard in our lineup is a 9'7" Ladle (I think it will end up being our new Log, once I can acutally try it out!).  I had never really ridden a longboard ever when there is size in the water, but the Ultimate is the longboard that can handle the steeper take-offs.  That's not to say I didnt eat it on the drop the first couple times, but adjusting in the right part of the wave, allowed me to take this thing off in shoulder high surf.  From small and dribbley to clean and powerful, this is the Ultimate longboard for all conditions.

For beginner to advanced surfers, our performance longboards are designed for all-around wave riding with the responsiveness you need in a variety of wave conditions.

If you're in the San Diego area, come Demo an Ultimate if you're interested in giving it a go.  If you're not local, we still offer the 33-day Guarantee.  If you're looking for a well rounded longboard, I doubt it'll take 33 days to realize this is the magic longboard to cover all of your bases!

Take a peek at Bryan surfing the Ultimate below along with key knowledge on the template from Bill Minard.


Pray for waves, I need to shortboard again!



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