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BOYB - Stringer Spining

May 04, 2015


If you're a heavy footed surfer (like the most of us), chances are that you have seen stringer "spining" on some of your glass boards.  This is inevitable with foam compression over time, but there is a quick way to "fix it", by adding more cloth. First you want to clean and tape off the affected/damaged area.  Use wax remover or a citrus based cleaner to remove all of the wax that is left on the damaged area.  Using that E-cloth, cut layers that will fit inside the taped off damaged area.  

Lay cloth flat and apply the Solarez or Sun Cure, and start to spread it evenly, until it becomes transparent with the rest of the board.  Lay out the board in the sun for about 7-10 minutes, or until the resin becomes non-sticky and bonded.  We recommend doing at least 2 layers of this process to ensure the board is as strong as possible, and without adding to much weight to your stick.


Sand it down until even with the rest of the board and you are good to go!

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