Longboarder Wanted! How well can you walk the plank... matey?

January 07, 2014 1 Comment

We’re currently looking for someone that’s got all the finesse and style needed to truly exemplify what our longboards are all about. To date, we have the noserider prowess of Brian Palacios and the young raw talent of Dylan Kaiser. We’re looking for a longboarder that makes Alex Knost look goofy and Bongo Perkins look like he’s working too hard. We’re looking for that third element to complete our planking package. For us, it’s all about turns, footwork and one-ness with the board across an array of surf conditions. That’s what will catch our eye.

If you’re feeling a strange sensation as if our message has you singled out from the millions of surfers across the world and think you’re ready to come along for a shoot with Degree33 crew, shoot and/or send us some footage. Pics are awesome, video, even better. If you’re not a longboarder but think you’re the guy or gal for the job, send us footage of you ripping on whatever it is you ride best and if you’re our best pick, we’ll find your magic Degree33 board within our walls and see what you’ve got.

We take our boards, our team riders, and our jobs seriously (well… it’s still surfboards… so not too seriously) so please fill out the following information and we may just call you up to show you what we’ve got to offer.


Location (We’re primarily looking for local San Diego talent):

Age/ experience:

Phone number:

Where you surf:

What you ride:


Anything else you need us to know:


Send to

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Garek Hurt
Garek Hurt

May 07, 2014 and are a couple favorites.

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