7'6" Over Easy Surfboard Dark Blue Resin Tint (Poly)

This board may be out of stock at the time of ordering. For boards that are sold out we would need to make one to order, please allow up to 8-10 weeks for delivery. Feel free to call or email before ordering to check stock.

Product Details:

  • 7'6" x 21 1/2” x 2 7/8”
  • For Intermediate (and talented beginners) to Advanced surfers wanting extra board in an aggressive package
  • You’ll want to ride this about 1.5ft shorter than your standard longboard
  • Fiberglass Construction
  • Completely Hand Shaped by Bill Minard here in San Diego (not just hand finished)
  • Diamond tail
  • Oversized speed egg (big guy shorty)
  • Single to light double/vee with medium rails lock the board on-rail when you need hold AND speed.
  • Thruster setup - FCS fins sold separately
  • Acrylic Finish
  • Reinforced 6/4oz deck glass layup for added strength

Construction: Traditional Poly

For the salty purist looking to get maximum responsiveness and flex. Built using a high quality polyester resin glass job with premium fiberglass cloth. Designed by Bill Minard.


If your confidence doesn't build as the swell does you're on the wrong board

Purpose: This is the Poacher's badass big brother. All of the float yet the zip of a speed boat. The Zenith of 45 years of shaping, the speed egg is Bill Minard's coup de grâce to the modern shortboard. For the gifted greenhorn and luminary alike, the Over Easy is a conqueror. Built for building swell, this board brings an advantage to surfers looking to out-paddle the pack and handle the best wave of the set. A fuller nose provides maximum paddle power and early takeoffs where dropping in at the peak usually demands youthful shoulders or more experience. The tapered diamond tail locks your back rail into the face on hairy drops so your confidence level stays sky high. Tapered rails, single-to-double concave and a thruster setup provide hair-trigger rail to rail maneuverability for a board length that would typically require more effort and skill to control.

Designed For: Intermediate (and talented beginners) to Advanced surfers who want to take off at the top of the peak without needing cumbersome board length or mighty shoulder strength.

Sweet Spot: Easy to ride in knee to 2x overhead waves with its true identity revealed in chest high to 3ft overhead waves. The Over Easy shines best in long, peeling faces at your local standout reef/point break.

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