Degree 33's Full Surfboard Line Up

Below is our complete lineup of boards. Click to get more info. All designs are created by Bill Minard

The "Cloud"

the cloud performance simmons

The Cloud is part of the Groveler family, namely, a Performance Mini Simmons. Try this board in softer, open-faced waves from knee to shoulder high. Think of locations like Rincon or Malibu on a small, clean, lined up day.

The brain child of Rob and Bill, we took the Al Merrick Sperm Whale and Average Joe ideas and cooked up a unique outline, rail profile, concaves and rocker. Simmons inspired, this board should be ridden 6-10" shorter, 1.5-2" wider, and the same to 1/8" thicker than your shortboard. The result is an intermediate to advanced level board.

Want even more glide than a retro fish with heaps of planing speed and paddle power? This is your board!

The "Bean"

the bean groveler

Part of the Groveler family, this is a stubby, aggressive shortboard. Want to make the best of chunky beach breaks? Try this from knee to shoulder high. Think summertime Huntington Beach or Snapper Rocks.

We wanted a chunky, nimble shortboard for summertime blues. Looking at the Rusty Dwart, we added volume and width throughout for a skatey feel with plenty of drive. Just starting to work on your punts and air game? This is the call. This is for intermediate/advanced riders. Ride 6-8" shorter, 1-1.5" wider, and 1/8-1/4" thicker than your shortboard.

The Bean turns even your funky, dumpiest beach breaks into a skate park. It's fast, nimble and buoyant!

The "Codfather"

the codfather modern retro fish

The Codfather is a true Modern Retro Fish. This classic shape is built to tackle open faced, clean reef and point breaks with ease. To find the sweet spot, aim for thigh to head high spots like Swami's or firing C-Street. Great for off-day Mentawai's or Indo.

Every shaper in the county builds a fish! This is Bills contemporary, yet forgiving take that's still a breeze to paddle. Geared for intermediate/advanced riders, this board brings a paddle advantage to playful but crowded days. Ride as short as you can go, a hair longer than your Cloud or Bean, 1-1.5" wider and 1/8" thicker than your shortboard.

This is the alternative to a shortboard when the waves don't quite have as much punch but you want performance and float all in one.

The "Karma Kameleon"

the karma kameleon modern retro shortboard

The Karma is a compact Modern Retro Shortboard. Contrary to its stature, the Karma prefers bigger, steeper waves where a sleek, compact profile has an advantage over longer, sluggish templates. For the sweet spot, ride this board in chest to 2ft overhead. Think hollow Oceanside Harbor or modest Cloudbreak or Greenbush.

Much like the Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto, we wanted something even more well-rounded. More drive in the tail, slightly more flip and refined nose. Quad or single for two very different styles. For Intermediate to Advanced riders. Ride 2-6" shorter, 1/2-5/8" wider, and 1/8" thicker than your shortboard.

Add the advantage of paddle power, early drop-ins and confident tail control in a compact package for steep takeoffs when a shortboard gets you hung up.

The "Optimist"

the optimist high performance shortboard

The Optimist is a no-bells-and-whistles-necessary, High Performance Shortboard. This board is best in hollow, steep, fast waves and wants to go vertical. Specifically built for Blacks Beach, San Diego, think Indo, Fiji, chest to 3ft overhead.

Taken from the nose and tail cues of the World tour's bread and butter, the Channel Islands Semi Pro, team rider Anton and Bill perfected this comp shortboard for exciting waves. This is a challenging board for intermediates and a plug and play shortboard for advanced riders. Ride this 2-4" longer than the T9.

This is a contest-ready shortboard that's ready to come out through the Fall-Winter season... or anytime it's absolutely firing!

The "T9"

the t9 daily driver shortboard

The T9 shortboard is the ultra-versatile, Daily Driver Shortboard. Best in waist to 1ft overhead, this shortboard can't go wrong in nearly any situation. The T9 loves playful Blacks, Salt Creek, Rocky Point, Restaurants, Rincon. You can't go wrong.

We looked at Dane Reynolds' collaborations and blended our favorite concepts into one beast. Bill added a touch of rocker, and brought the nose and tail in just a tad. The T9 is perfect for intermediate to advanced riders who want a shortboard that exceeds expectations. Ride 2-4" shorter, 1/2-5/8" wider and 1/8-1/4" thicker than your Optimist.

If you want a shortboard with paddle glide, easy wave catch-ability, and speed, this is your every day shortboard. When it doubt, take the T9 out.

The "Jack"

the jack hybrid utility

The forgiving cousin to the T9, the Jack is a Utility/Hybrid Shortboard. This board surfs best in thigh to head high, lined-up waves. Think head high Swami's, Rincon and chest high Blacks.

We took the best of the Rusty Piranha and WTF, the Channel Islands Flyer and the Lost Sub Scorcher and created a transitional or utility shortboard. This board is geared for the seasoned beginner to intermediate. There are two directions to go. If you're coming down from a long/funboard, Go between 6'8" and 7'6". If you're coming off an egg or looking to step down in shortboard size, go 6'4" or shorter.

Similar to the T9, this hybrid shortboard has all the forgiving bonuses of a fish while retaining the performance aspects of a shortboard.

The "Optimist Pryme"

the optimist pryme step-up shortboard

Specifically for aggressive waves, the "Pryme" is solely a Step-Up Shortboard. This only comes out with waves like solid Cloudbreak, Lance's Right, even Pipeline... Dust this one off for overhead to 2.5X overhead... the swell of the year at Blacks.

Much like the Lost Taco Grinder, this is the bigger, gnarlier brother to the Optimist. Bill stretched it out to fit monster swells. Not for the faint of heart, this is for the advanced to Pro surfer. Surf this in a 6'6" up to 3ft overhead, 6'8" up to 2x overhead, 6'10" or custom up to 2.5x overhead. Widths and thicknesses graduate gently with length.

The Optimist brings confidence to surfing above your comfort zone. This is for the swell of the season, the boat trip, the surf destination of a lifetime.

The "Poacher"

the poacher egg funboard

As playful as it looks, the Poacher is a true Egg shape within the Funboard family. This is perfect for knee/thigh to shoulder high, relaxed waves. Think Malibu summers, La Jolla shores, Swami's, Cardiff Reef, Waikiki.

A classic blend of mini longboard and Skip Frye Egg, this well-rounded transition board is party up front, business in the back. It's an easy paddler that cranks off the back foot when requested. All skill levels welcome! The poacher is a great step-down for seasoned longboarders and transitioner for new surfers. Also a great starter board for smaller riders that have a tough time wrangling longboards.

The Poacher is the perfect transition board for novices and nimble substitute for longboarders needing more maneuverability for clean carving.

The "Over Easy"

the over easy speed egg

The Over Easy is the ultimate Speed Egg and lives in the Hybrid/Funboard household. Covering one of the widest ranges of waves in our quiver, this speed egg handles knee to 2x overhead. Think playful Malibu to rifling Sunset Cliffs or clean Sunset Beach!

No shaper has fine-tuned this template like Bill Minard has. All speed eggs measure up to this yard stick. It's geared for the seasoned beginner to advanced rider. Ride this 1-2' shorter than your Ultimate as a longer, yet more aggressive step-down than the Poacher.

This is the intermediate to advanced longboarders "big guy tri". It's a perfect transitional step-down with heaps of performance.

The "Ultimate"

the ultimate performance longboard

Our most versatile longboard, the Ultimate is a modern Performance Longboard. The Ultimate is best suited in knee to shoulder high reef and point breaks but works in everything. Think Waikiki, Malibu, Swamis, small J-Bay or Snapper.

Our flagship longboard is similar to the Walden Magic with a chined rail through the middle and medium nose and tail width. A clean template, the Ultimate uses relaxed, continuous rocker for glide and control. This board is for all skill levels. It's the perfect all-rounder longboard for all riders big and small. Ride about 3ft taller than your height.

If you had to pick only one board, this is your go-to anytime the waves look playful.

The "Ladle"

the ladle noserider longboard

The Ladle is specifically a Noserider Longboard, but with a well-rounded performance base. Break this one out when you pull up to small to medium, clean, lined up waves. Try places like Malibu, C-street, Waikiki when it's shin to chest high.

Compare to the Takayama in the Pink but without the honkin' nose width. The Ladle boasts a clean squash tail, single fin setup, with low, gradual rocker and moderate nose concave. This board is geared for the seasoned beginner to advanced longboarder. Ride 2-7 inches longer than your Ultimate.

If you're looking to spend more time up front, developing stylish footwork, without tons of weight of a classic log, this is your pick.

The "Analog"

the analog throwback log

Our most timeless model, the Analog is a Classic Log Longboard with a blueprint from the Golden Era of surfing. The Analog is best suited in shin to chest high classic point breaks and gentle outside reefs. Think Waikiki, Malibu, C Street and Cardiff Reef.

Our classic log is similar to the Bing Levitator with a 50/50 rail, nose to tail and medium nose and tail width. A sleek template, the Analog uses low, smooth rocker for planing and momentum. This board is for the esteemed stylist and classic collector. If you want a board that doubles as a wall hanger between sessions, the Analog is a work of art. Ride 5-10 inches longer than your Ultimate.

If you spend Sunday cruising the coast in your vintage, mint, convertible cadillac, or you've envy the fella that does, this is the board for you.

The "Triton"

the triton surfer paddle board

The Triton is a surf-specific craft among the SUP family. When scouting the coast, the Triton loves to take a crowded chest to 1ft overhead day and turn it into a cardio/leg workout. It's great for places like Cardiff Reef or Huntington Beach.

Similar to the Riviera Nugg Turbo or the King Super Simmons or Laser models, this is a surf-only paddle board that needs an active rider to keep momentum. The Triton allows you to grip and rip like Laird Hamilton or Kai Lenny. Not for the le-person, this is for intermediate to advanced riders (paddleboard skills).

If you're considering an SUP solely to surf it like a shortboard, this is the call.

The "Warrior One"

the warrior one yoga paddle board

The Warrior One is the flat water Yoga specific paddle board of the SUP family. We find the Yoga SUP works best in flat water, especially for fitness/SUP workouts like yoga, etc. However, it can be surfed in knee high waves or smaller. We recommend you stick to Lagoons, harbors, or bays.

Similar to Invert's Namaste or Surftech's Yogaversal paddleboards, this one is for all levels. While a bit oversized for kids, it's an extremely buoyant and stable paddleboard.

If you're a large guy or a yoga buff, this super stable paddle board is your ride.

The "Cruise Ship"

the cruise ship all around paddle board

The Cruise Ship, like its name, is the all-rounder member of the SUP family. This is the SUP that rides like a longboard in anything from flat water to shoulder high. Think Waikiki, Mission Bay or Malibu.

Similar to the King Dauminator, this is truly an oversized longboard to take wave count to the triple digits! This is for all skill levels up to about 250lbs. We carry two sizes for small/medium to medium/large surfers. Choose accordingly.

If you had one SUP to cover all bases, the Cruise Ship works in both longboard waves and flat water.