"Warrior One" Yoga SUP

Yoga goes nautical

Purpose: In collaboration with surfers and yoga gurus David and Peggy Hall from 'Yoga for Surfers', the Warrior One was born. With its completely flat deck and yoga mat traction, its superb stability will allow you to carry out your sunrise salutations in total peace. Lightweight and easy to carry, this SUP is perfect for a variety of riders who may not have much experience on the water. It paddles easily making it perfect to get into position for your Yoga session, followed by any other open water exploration you have in mind. The Warrior One has full body rails and ample volume to perfect your Vinyasa flow.

Designed For: Beginner to intermediate looking for extra stability whether practicing yoga or enjoying any fun open water activity.

Sweet Spot: Flat to knee high waves but is truly meant for yoga and relaxation on calm water.