Surf Leashes

Surfboard Leash 10'


Product Details:

Features of all Stay Covered Leashes-

  • 4mm Dual Padded Neoprene Cuff for a snug but cozy fit
  • 8mm Double Swivels means no tangle and no hare snare on takeoff
  • Velcro Enclosed Key Saver to keep your car safe
  • .220 Urethane Cord with plenty of spring yet resiliance

Please note that surfboard leashes do stretch over time. The general rule is to buy a leash for the exact size of board you have so that you don't have extra floating in the water or dragging behind you. (I.e.: 8ft board = 8ft leash, or a 9ft board = 9ft leash)

By purchasing a surf leash as long as your board, you will have the ability to nose ride. If the length of your board falls in between leash lengths you will need to ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Do I want to nose ride on this board? (If the answer is yes, go for a longer leash. Example: Board length 8'6", wants to nose ride, = buy a 9ft leash).
  2. Do I know that I will never nose ride on my board? (If the answer is yes, you can go with a smaller leash. Example: Board length 8'6", no nose riding, = buy an 8ft leash.)

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