The Easy Rider

6'6" Easy Rider Surfboard Blue Rail (Epoxy)


Product Details:

  • 6'6" x 21 1/2" x 2 3/4"
  • CNC Machine Shaped EPS Foam (hand finished)
  • Premium double layer glassing on deck and single layer bottom
  • Slightly pulled in swallow tail.
  • Medium-Full rails to hold an edge when the waves pick up.
  • Low entry and exit rocker for easy paddling and higher wave count
  • Single to Vee through the tail for smooth rail to rail rollover
  • 5 Fin FCS fins set up, fins included (Ultimate versatility, ride it as a quad or thruster!)
  • Ride as a quad for added hold and drive with a loose release point.
  • Ride as a thruster for stability and precise pivot point
  • Volume: 43.2 Liters

Construction: Premium Epoxy

The most durable and affordable construction we offer, these boards are made using epoxy resin and premium fiberglass. CNC machined and hand finished. Designed by Bill Minard.


easy rider beginner fish size chart


Purpose: We've had a ton of requests for a larger fish suited for surfers transitioning down from mid-length boards, something similar but more compact than the greatly successful Over Easy. We needed something slightly fuller than a shortened speed egg, with some added speed off the tail. With that, the Easy rider was born. A perfect half way marker between the Codfather and Over Easy, the Easy rider is a wave snatching machine for intermediate surfers desiring a strong wave count in busy lineups, and a cozy way to introduce newer surfers to fast turns, speed pump sections, and a first go at a top to bottom attack. The longer sleeker fishy template carries extra foam for easy paddling. Its 5-fin setup allows for the trusty, stable thruster, or a zippy, loose quad for more speed and fin release. A subtle single concave to vee bottom carries the same contours as the Codfather for perfect rail to rail rollover and massive acceleration off the back foot. The rails are slightly lower than a retro fish, locking better hold through tight turns and steeper sections. The Easy Rider is the ideal transition board for taking your surfing to the intermediate level or boosting your wave count if you're already dominant in the lineup.

Designed For: Beginner surfer moving down from a mid-length towards intermediate surfing, or intermediate/advanced surfer adding foam to snag more waves when it's crowded.

Sweet Spot: Knee to Slightly overhead, with its true identity revealed in waist to head high surf. Perfect in playful, fun conditions, especially reef and point breaks.

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