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5 Legendary Moments In Surfing

October 15, 2010

Buzzy Trent, Woody Brown, and George Downing at Mahaka

Every sport has its heroes: the massively talented untouchable legends that change and define the course of the pastime, with seemingly with every step they take.

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7 Bizarre Surfing Inventions

September 27, 2010

Firewire Deviant Fin

So here’s the gist—it’s a fin that automatically tilts itself to adjust the cant so your board turns better, suffers less drag, and has a looser tail. The fin is MOTORIZED (how wild is that??) and a little watch battery is all it needs to calibrate itself to give you hot turning action. We can’t say whether this is the next big thing or a complete dud…X

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Salty’s Guide To: 7 Things Surfboards Have In Common with Unicorns

August 30, 2010

unicorns and surfboards
A great surfboard is somewhat of a mythical creature (except with Degree33... all their boards rock!). That's why when we find one we call it the "magic board". So I thought, "What other things are mythical and elusive?" And I found all these similarities to unicorns. Here are my top 7!

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Improve Your Stamina with Surfing Specific Fitness Training

August 24, 2010

Ever have days where you get into the water and end up completely bombed afterwards? We’re talkin’ seaweed sprouting out of your ears, sand in every pore, EXHAUSTED, and wishing you had more energy so you could keep shredding.

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Impenetrable Surfboard Defense: How to Leave the Airport with Your Stick in One Piece

August 17, 2010

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Salty's Guide To: Surfer Chow - 5 Must Haves to Get Your Grub On.

August 12, 2010

After a hard day’s surfing, the first, last, and only thing on your mind is finding something cheap, messy, and tasty to chow down on. Today Salty reviews the biggest and best of surfer cuisine. Go get a sandwich if you’re lame.

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Dominate the Line Up and Prevent Injuries at the SAME Time with Surf Specific Yoga

August 03, 2010

Strength, balance, and flexibility are essential, not only to great surfing, but in giving yourself the best chances of staying healthy and avoiding injury. I think we all can understand why balance is so important when it comes to surfing but I think sometimes we underestimate the importance of strength and flexibility. From popping-up, to a bottom turn, and generating speed down the line, all of this is easier, smoother, and faster if you're strong, flexible and well centered

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The Perfect Beach Body: Two Step Program

July 27, 2010

We’ve all had those days. Waking up to a blaring alarm at 5am so you can drag your exhausted body out of a warm comfy bed so you can chug some coffee, strap on your shoes, and go running in the frosty pre-dawn or at your local 24 hr gym. An effective workout, no doubt; but with all the sleep deprivation, self motivation, and membership dues—it’s kind of a hassle.

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Surfboard Giveaway: "Facebook 4000" Winner is Announced

July 26, 2010

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Salty's Guide To: The Surfer Lifecycle

July 20, 2010

the life cycle of a surfer

As a surfer its vitally important you understand the changes your lifestyle and body will experience during the awkward juncture between kookdom and total surfing mastery. Hair in strange places, voice cracking. Y'know the drill, and Salty understands your pain. Here's what you should expect.

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Fishy, Shorty, or neither - Which one should I get first?

July 14, 2010

There comes a time in every surfers journey where they will be faced with a decision that has paralyzed many surfers before him... fish, shortboard, or something totally different? To answer this question you really have to think about your surfing goals. You will need to base this decision on what you want this next board to accomplish. I know we say this a lot but it's true, there isn't one perfect board that will do everything perfectly.

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Surfboard Fin Setups Decoded - Part 1

July 13, 2010

Surfboard fin setups all do something a little different. Each one changes the way a board will feel and surf. Which fin setup should go on what type of board and in what type of surf condition do they perform the best. We attempt to demystify it for you... pictures and everything.

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