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10 Tips To Help You Plan Your Next Surf Trip

April 16, 2011

Does the thought of spending your summer vacation kicked back on the hot sand, drinking a beer, and eating fish tacos in between epic surf sessions have you reaching for your phone to call in sick for the week?

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Surfboard Travel: Which Airline Do I Choose?

April 12, 2011

We get it. Digging through the baggage policy section of a poorly cobbled together airline site is probably the last thing you want to do before you head out on a surf vacation. Don't panic, we've done all of that for you.

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Surf Hero: Hideaki Akaiwa - A man who braved it all for his wife, family, and community during the Japanese tsunami. Would you have dove in?

March 31, 2011

Many of you have heard about the earthquakes and ensuing tsunami driven destruction that followed. A city of 162,000 people submerged in raging currents, downed power lines, and hazardous debris.

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11 Reasons Buying A Surfboard From Us Is In You Best Interest

March 15, 2011

There are hundreds of surfboard companies out there. You got the local guy shaping in his backyard, the beach side shop, the house hold names that build their boards by the thousands, and then you've got us... Why would you buy a board from us?

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The Robot Surfboard Revolution is Upon Us.

March 09, 2011

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Used Boards On Craigslist... You May Need To Reconsider

February 23, 2011

We received a call the other day and it reminded us of why you have to be so careful when purchasing a used board.

This guy had just bought a used board from someone he found on craigslist. He was in a hurry to get it, so he went over to this guys house to pick it up.

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Not All Surf Shops Are Created Equal - 4 Things Great Shops Have In Common

February 03, 2011

Today I wanted to vent a little and talk about some of the elitism going on out there in surf shops around the country.

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Advanced Surfers! Ultimate vs. Hanger

February 01, 2011

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The Surfer Diet - Things you need to consider if you want to reach peak performance.

January 11, 2011

Like any other sport, surfing can be done casually…

You wake up at noon and mosy on over to the beach for a weekend rip sesh with a few buddies. Afterwards you grab an In-N-Out Burger, fries, and a chocolate shake and spend the rest of the afternoon napping.

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How to Build Your Surfboard Quiver

November 22, 2010


If you really enjoy paddling or are just ill informed. There are really no set rules for constructing a quiver, but if you want to avoid spending thousands of extra dollars, there are a few guidelines you can follow:

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5 Female Surfers That Rip.

November 10, 2010

Sometimes its easy to assume that surfing is a man's sport. Which isn't exactly surprising given the kind of press "female surfers" get.

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Tired of Longboarding?

October 26, 2010

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