D33 Surfboard Demo Program: Ride it before you buy it!

July 18, 2017

Buying a new surfboard without getting a chance to test drive it is like driving a car off the lot before taking it around the block first. You might hate the way it rides once you get it up to speed. Unfortunately for us surfers, that's the way it's always been. There are a couple of local events throughout the year that lend their purpose to surfboard demos, but surfboard manufacturers on a whole just don't offer this option to their customers. This year we're changing all of that, making every day an opportunity to test our boards out before you make that big commitment!

Aligned with our 33 day "ride it, love it" guarantee, boards that are swapped back in for different sizes or models, become a part of the fleet roster with and average of only a handful of sessions on the deck, essentially brand new... Occasionally we'll run a possible new model through R&D with our surf team, then stash it as a demo for the lucky duck that spots it in our fleet!

For those of you that are just visiting and don't want to be stuck on a 6ft beater potato chip or a weathered costco foamie, this is a great way to time your eagerly anticipated San Diego swell while you're on vacation, chalking up your two-a-day sessions with access to your dream quiver! 

D33 Demo Fleet Roster as of 7/18/17:

10' Ultimate Nexgen

9'7 New Prototype Noserider

9'2 Ladle Epoxy

9' Ultimate Epoxy

9' Ultimate Nexgen

8'6 Ultimate Epoxy

7'2 Poacher Epoxy

7'2 Poacher Nexgen

6'8 Jack Epoxy

6'6 Poacher Fiberglass

6'6 Prototype New Guy Fish Fiberglass

6'0 Poacher Fiberglass

5'10 Codfather Nexgen

5'10 Codfather Epoxy

5'9 Cloud Fiberglass

5'8 Codfather II (Twin) Fiberglass

5'8 Prototype Groveler Twin Fiberglass

5'3 Prototype Compact Shortboard Fiberglass

More importantly, if you've been chomping at the bit to get on one of our surfboards, whatever you pay up front to demo a board for the day or week, we'll credit right back to you once you pick out your new board. No slouching though, you've got 60 days to pull the trigger on your credit. If you need an extra week, let us know, we'll work with you.

Come in, fill out the quick paperwork, and take your favorite Degree 33 Surfboard for a spin. Swap mid week if you need to adjust for the rising swell, or to get a wider variety under your feet. Not sure where to go? The local shop boys will point you where you and your test ride are going to work best. 

If you're interested in trying out a baker's dozen in one sitting, we're just starting up Degree 33 Surfboard Customer Demo Days which will occur every couple of months at one of our favorite San Diego standout spots. Add yourself to our D33 Demo Day Facebook Group to stay informed on our demo events and our demo fleet rotation! Our goal is to make it even easier for our fans to get to know our lineup without having to fork out an arm and a leg. It's also another way show our San Diego surf community, who Degree 33 Surfboards is. 

We're a local, family run business.

We're stoked in what we do.

We're a board for every surfer.


The Details: 

  • 15+ Demo boards in stock.
  • $30/day or $150/week (2 free days.)
  • New, unreleased models available for demo.
  • All boards ridden less than 33 days before being added to the demo fleet.
  • All demo boards are current/future models available for purchase.
  • Demo fleet rotates constantly, want to keep it? We'll sell it at a solid discount.
  • Free Demo to buy - Full credit of your demo payment applied towards a new board within 60 days of returning the demo board.
  • Demo's available for purchase on average of $100 less than retail in near new condition.
  • Facebook demo group for current demo roster and local beach demos.

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