Degree33 Dudes - Geoff: Warehouse Rover

July 02, 2013


- See more at: http://www.degree33surfboards.com/blog/fun-stuff/degree33-dudes-geoff-warehouse-rover/#more-1862

- See more at: http://www.degree33surfboards.com/blog/fun-stuff/degree33-dudes-geoff-warehouse-rover/#more-1862

Now that we’ve settled into the new warehouse and have geared up for summer, we thought we’d take the blog in a different direction and introduce everybody to the team that puts that shred stick under your feet. Every so often we’ll give our fans some insight into who we are and what we do.

First off we’ve got Geoff. He’s our rover/handyman or as we like to say, he’s our muscle. He’s a proud father, husband and surfer.  

D33 Team – First off, what’s that playing in the background? Sounds like you like to rock, Latin style.

Geoff –Oh yeah man, that’s Molotov playing Matta Tette. They’re a kick-ass rock band from Mexico city.

D33 Team – How on earth do you know that?

Geoff – I was a Spanish major in college and later spent six months living in Costa Rica.  Needless to say I love the Latinas. They’ll teach you all about their culture. My wife is 100% Mexican. She’s taught me everything.

D33 Team – Switching gears, what was that you just packed up for shipping?

Geoff – An FCS Fluid Foils EZI Trim longboard fin… I need one of those!

D33 Team – So you have a Longboard… right on. What Degree33 boards are you riding?

Geoff – I picked up the 6’2 Bean pretty recently so that’s my go-to. Now I’m trying out the Turning Point. I had a blast this morning but the tide was too low. It reminds me of my 7’6 gun I rode when I lived in IB (Imperial Beach).

D33 Team – How’s the Bean?

Geoff – It’s my first quad. It’s super fast and skatey. It’s taking some getting used to. I’m still working on my turns, I’ll let you know when it clicks! It’s super stable. All these boards seem to be super stable. I’m staying on my feet more often. I’m used to my Stewart speed egg and Rat summer shortboard so this is a nice change. All my boards are like 5 years old or much older so I’m stoked to try newer shapes. These are the first epoxy boards I’ve ever ridden… super light and buoyant. The stability helps with adjusting to the quad feel and the responsiveness of Nexgen epoxy. I dig it!

D33 Team – I’ve gotta ask, “What would ya say… ya do here?” [Office Space reference]

Geoff – “I HAVE PEOPLE SKILLS D@#%IT!”  … haha. First we powwow and get our day dialed in. Then I make sure customers have everything they need to get immediately in the water when their board arrives. We don’t want to send a new surfer out without a leash or make an extra errand for them on their way to the waves. We get a lot of calls asking for suggestions on what board to get. Locals like to come check our place out; it’s fun to give them the tour of our warehouse and boards. We’re proud of Degree33 and like to show it.

D33 Team – Do you have any words of encouragement for new surfers?

Geoff – Have patience and be persistent. Focus on progress not perfection. Relax and enjoy everything around you while you’re out there. Try that and you’ll get stoked about surfing. [Throws out a double shaka]

D33 Team – Thanks Geoff, now get back to work!

Geoff – PEACE!  

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