The closeout list. Huge discounts on our used, repaired, blem, and discontinued surfboards.

October 12, 2017

We're the only surfboard company that will let you trade your board back in for full value after you ride it, period. Most shops won't even give you partial credit for it. So what happens when we get a board traded back in for something else? 

Almost every D33 exchange goes straight into our demo fleet for your own personal joy ride. Instead of offering misfits and solarez wonders, we offer fresh boards that are rotated monthly, and are available for sale at a solid discount. 

You can demo a board you're interested in buying, and if the shoe fits, you can flip your demo cost right into credit towards any board so long as you do so within 60 days.

Our demo/closeout fleet has become standing room only, so we wanted to pick out the best of the bunch and offer them to you at a price you can't refuse. Some are well-loved fan favorites. Some barely even ridden, and there are a few gems that haven't even been ridden.

We don't get it perfect every time, every once in a while we get a board with it's own personality. Sometimes a board doesn't come out bright white or has a little bit of discoloration in the blank or in the resin. While the discoloration doesn't hurt the board, it's yours with a massive discount, our loss, your gain! 

We try to keep a fresh palate in our color options, sometimes they don't sell as quickly as we'd like and it's time to try something new. To help make room for new inventory, we place our discontinued and sample colored boards in our closeout so that you get both a great deal AND a unique board you won't find in your lineup!

If you don't see what you need right here, contact us below to get an update on our demo/used fleet and our closeout boards. There's likely a board right up your alley that's too good to pass up.

Here are some of the smokin' deals we have on hand... 


New/ Repaired/ Used Surfboards 

The Poacher

7'2 Light Blue Mint Epoxy - Condition: Almost new/repaired (light dents, repaired fin box)
7'2 Lagoon Blue Dip Epoxy - Condition: New/blem (glassing is slightly heavy)
6'6 Fiberglass Script Logo - Condition: Well-loved (multiple repairs, plenty of deck dents)
6'0 Nexgen - Condition: Almost new/ no dings (Almost no deck pressure dents at all)
  • Go-to for maximum wave count in variable, average waves.
  • This is our easiest transition coming off of a longboard. 
  • This board provides a wave-catching advantage over shorter boards.
  • Stay nimble and catch everything without moving to a full longboard.
  • More manageable board size for smaller/younger surfers.
  • Thruster fin setup, rounded pin tail for classic control and smooth turns.
  • For the light-weight beginner to advanced surfer looking for longboard characteristics in a more manageable and maneuverable size.
  • Surf in shin to overhead waves, best in knee to shoulder high waves. 


The Codfather

5'10 Tri Dip Sea Blue Epoxy - Condition: New/repaired (Tail tips)
5'10 Tri Dip Clay Epoxy - Condition: Almost new/ no repairs (light deck dents)
  • Classic fish outline with modern features for a more aggressive approach.
  • Designed to step up your game and wave count in everyday surf.
  • Quad fin means speed down the line plus hold through turns.
  • Full single concave throughout for speed generation and rail hold.
  • Ample outline means a strong ability to get into small waves easily. 
  • Agile and holds it's rail in steep conditions.
  • For Inter. - adv. surfer looking drive down the line speed through turns.
  • Surf in knee to slightly overhead surf, best in knee to head high surf. 


The Jack 

7'0 Nexgen Epoxy - Condition: Almost new/repaired (rail ding repair, almost no dents)

  • Oversized, versatile performance board for anything from knee high to overhead.
  • Perfect transition into the intermediate shortboard skill set in variable conditions.
  • Quad or thruster, for adjustments on the fly as conditions change.
  • Lower rocker allows you to scratch into waves when it's small and mushy.
  • Sleek rail line when your local spot gets punchy and steep.
  • Shorter sizes for inter. - adv. surfers wanting a fast, compact, step down.
  • Larger sizes for newer surfers transitioning down from a mid-lengths.
  • Surf in thigh to well overhead, best in waist to 1 foot overhead.


The Karma

5'8 Sky Blue/Grey Fiberglass 2+1 (alternate fin setup) - Condition: New
5'8 Sky Deep Blue/Grey/Red Fiberglass 2+1 (alternate fin setup) Condition: New
  • For inter. - adv. surfer looking to experiment with a throwback pocket rocket.
  • Replace your “step-up” by packing more volume in a shorter, agile performer.
  • Wider template for an easy paddle.
  • Tapered rails for precision control on steep drops.
  • Single fin setup for big clean walls and smooth arcing turns.
  • 2+ 1 fin setup for more hold, drive, and stability.
  • The single to a shallow double concave with vee gets you rail to rail with ease.
  • Relaxed rocker revs up your planing speed and wave catching ability.
  • Compact, versatile shortboard with unique and versatile fin options.
  • Handles thigh to double overhead. Best in chest to 2ft overhead clean surf.


Discontinued/ Blemished Surfboards

The Ultimate

9'0 Tan Epoxy - Condition: New (Discontinued Color)
9'0 Teal Dip Epoxy - Condition New (Blemished, acrylic residue on tail deck)
10' Tan Epoxy Condition: New (Discontinued Color)

  • Combines many elements of a great longboard into one perfect craft.
  • Designed for versatility, the Ultimate blends stability and responsiveness.
  • Moderate entry rocker handling well in larger surf, helps avoid digging the nose.
  • Flat into a double concave allows paddle glide with good lift and responsive turning.
  • Chined rails gives you fluid rail to rail transitions and more nimbleplaning surface.
  • This board catches waves easily and is for EVERYONE.
  • For beginner to Advanced surfing as a solid, all-around, multi-condition longboard.
  • Surf in shin to slightly overhead surf, best in knee to shoulder high, variable surf. 


The Ladle

9'2 Nexgen - Condition: New (Blemished, discolored)
9'7 Nexgen - Condition: New (Blemished, discolored)

  • The go-to, performance noserider longboard.
  • Deep nose concave for firm hold up front on noserides.
  • Flat belly to double concave off the tail for smooth rail to rail surfing and trim.
  • Set up as a single fin to reduce drag and promote uncompromising flow.
  • Built for noseriding as well as graceful arcing turns.
  • For inter. - Adv. surfers who can draw clean lines and set up for noserides.
  • Surf in knee to Shoulder high surf, best in clean open faces.


We also have a limited run of discontinued SUP's with steep discounts. To see our full roster of closeout specials, head over to our closeout page here and find your next dream board without spending anywhere close to full price! 

If you don't quite see the perfect deal for you, give us a holler over the phone or shoot an email our way and we'll dial you in on a great surfboard among our closeout ranks.

Shop Phone: 858 693 3692



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