Feature Friday - The Optimist

May 22, 2015 2 Comments

For this week's Feature Friday, we look at our new High Performance shortboard, nicknamed "The Optimist" by team rider Anton Anderson.

The Optimist is designed to provide extremely high performance maneuverability when conditions call for you’re A (frame) game. It’s, without a doubt, the most responsive board in our lineup geared to get you from your deep bottom turn, through an off the roof gouge, quicker than you can say wapaaah!

The light single to double concave, thruster fin setup, and aggressive rocker give this shortboard an almost intimidating high performance feel. It carries less volume than your daily driver so that you can set your rail and take off deeper on the gnarliest bomb of the day. 

This is for the intermediate to advanced surfer in conditions where you need your surfing to be as crispy as possible. Wax this board up before the sun comes up and the swell forecast has your toes tingling!

We sat down with Anton to pick his brain on his favorite aspects of his new 2015 model.

What are your ideal conditions for this board?

 AA: Anything from waist to 2 foot overhead. This board has a wider range of surfable conditions. Beach break, reef, soft, barreling, it can handle most conditions.

 Do you remember your best wave with the board?

 AA: Best wave? Yesp. It was at Blacks and sets where a little over head. Dropped in front side right into a clean barrel, came out and did a nice hit on a steep section, and finished it off with an air that I landed in a laid back position and the whitewash helped me back up onto my feet.

 Why pick this board over other shortboard models?

 AA: I think everyone should have a high performance shortboard in their quiver. It's the go-to board.

 Do you have a performance fin you would recommend upgrading to on the Optimist?

 AA: Not really. I like fins with a little give, but I think that's personal preference.

 Any design tweaks you would like to make on your next board?

 AA: I'd like a second one so I'm not worried about snapping this one when I land in the flats or pull in and know I'm not making it out :) I'd probably keep it pretty similar but round the tail out so it holds in a little more size.

 Who would you recommend this board for? what type of surfer?

 AA: I'd recommend this board for any surfer in decent shape that's at the intermediate or better level. If you're not in your best surfing shape, or have a few more pounds than you should, there are other models that make it easier to paddle and catch waves.

The Optimist is available in traditional fiberglass only. Stock sizes are 5'8", 5'10", 6'0", 6'2" and 6'4", but give us a call and we can do custom dimensions to fit your surfing needs. 

We have a 6'0 available for Demo if you are local and thinking about your next autumn/fall shred stick!

You can check out The Optimist on our website via the link below!



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May 29, 2015

My best board is a Minnard shaped surfboard. It is a 7 6 G & S. It crushes swell big or small. I love to surf and it brings me lots of joy. I never would have known it was so magical, because it is so old.

david suda
david suda

May 22, 2015

53 yrs old 205lb athletic shape not ready to hang up the short board yet, looking for a shorty with performance easier to get into waves all around board ?? and can you explain board volumm I don’t get it and how to use it towards my body scale

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