5th Annual 100 Wave Challenge: Mission Complete!

October 02, 2014

Here we are 2 weeks after the 100 Wave Challenge and our shoulders still scream with joy, our sunburns finally flaked away, wax rashes faded, and we're STILL on such a beautiful high. 100 waves is NO JOKE!
First off, THANK YOU! A strong number of our fans pitched in and in total, the Degree33 Team raised well over $10,000. We could NOT have done it without your help. For that, we're inexplicably grateful.
Lessons we took away from the 2014 100 Wave Challenge:
  1. A 6am surf with 100 waves ahead of you feels like standing at the foot of a very VERY tall mountain.
  2. Getting your first wave as the sun comes up an absolutely beautiful thing! Better yet, getting hooted in by ladies and gents that really do want you to get that wave and absolutely rip it apart.
  3. Damien Hobgood is a ridiculously good freesurfer. Known for his tropical barrel prowess, Damo obliterated every single one of his 100 waves... which he did in 1 sitting. BEAST!
  4. Shaun Tomson still surfs circles around me and I'm half his age.
  5. Sharing IS caring! It felt awesome to hoot a fellow 100 wave surfer into my wave!
  6. 50 SPF only lasts about 1 hour, our noses and foreheads are finally back to normal... kinda.
  7. Boys to Men is an incredible program... a half dozen of their boys joined us in the water and crushed their challenge. 
  8. Raising $300,000 as a group of 230 stoked surfers is EASY! We can't wait to shoot for $500k next year... that's right, $500k. 300 100 Wave surfers for 2015, that's our goal!
  9. Luc WILL go. If you caught our recent caption contest, bossman Luc dropped in on Shaun Tomson, highlight of his surfing life, for SURE!
  10. Acai bowls by Sambazon... you can literally live off these for months, hands down. Thanks Sambazon!
  11. Rubios burritos taste 5X better after 60 waves, no joke.
  12. Joe Sigurdson and Craig McClain are our heros; the founders of Boys to Men and 100 Wave Challenge are two of the most stoked guys I've ever met. When you're a 100 Wave Challenge surfer, you're family.
  13. Surfing 100 Waves is just as fun as it is challenging. 
  14. Love is the key to happiness. The Boys to Men kids have have the keys to the kingdom, long live love!
  15. You MUST join us next year, it's our favorite day of the year, no contest.
When love is spread through a group of absolutely stoked surfers, there is NOTHING we can't do. We're ready to meet the 2015 challenge with BIG goals and HUGE hearts. 
If you are interested in being a part of it or just want to know more about the Boys to Men mentoring program, just ask, we're more than happy to tell our story and how we were fortunate to get in touch with such amazing, inspiring people. 
100 Wave Challenge:
Boys to Men Mentoring Program:

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